During this year plus of COVID-19, now the school year of 2020-2021, school friend Gail Morgan agreed to help us out as a door greeter on Saturdays once or twice a month, a time when some students have been visiting for in-person.  We appreciate Gail’s support.  We thought it would be fun to find out a bit more about why Gail has chosen to volunteer.

Full disclosure:  No goods or services (or bribes) were offered in exchange for Gail’s responses, below.  We appreciate her kind words.

Pakachoag Office and Development Assistant Jacob Walz asked Gail what made her want to help out.  Here’s the full conversation.

Jacob:  Can you Sum up what Pakachoag has meant to you over your years of involvement with us?

Gail: Having witnessed the quality of the student/faculty performances and knowing the fortitude it has taken the school to pursue this excellence has endeared the institution to me. The passion for music has been spread throughout families from all of Worcester County.

Jacob:  What has been the one consistent thing about Pakachoag that has kept you connected with the School?

Gail:  Quality in teachers, programs, outreach and administration.  Pakachoag Music both preaches and practices a quality program and that is reflected in the quality students who graduate and go on to pursue other musical endeavors.  Only one class experience can set a great example and begin the appreciation of music.

Jacob:  As you reflect back over the years that you have “known” Pakachoag, what is your fondest memory of the school?

Gail:  Sarah Smongeski. Sarah’s commitment to music, the school, staff, teachers, students and families is steadfast.  She represents the school with her own discipline, passion and wonderful personality.  She is creative in her fundraising, events and strategic planning, reacting well to the hills and valleys of running a non-profit.  I consider Sarah a friend and she is also an incredible role model.

A Note from Sarah:  Thank you, Gail, for believing in Pakachoag Music School.  I think you first became a friend of the School back in 2008, although I expect your connection may stretch back further.  We also appreciate your steadfastness in support.  What we accomplish each and every year is ONLY possible because of the many friends who stand with us – whether as volunteer, as family similarly committed to supporting excellence in teaching and learning;  or as annual donor.  You watched carefully as we juggled the decisions about our move into Worcester.  Your care, support, advice and time as volunteer is appreciated.