Music can be a fun way to help your child transition from one activity to the next throughout the day. Try making up verses for different activities and tasks that you and your child might do throughout the day and sing them to the melody of “This Train.” Replace “children” with your child’s name when singing “children get on board.” For example:
This train is cleaning up… Charlotte get on board.
This train is bound for bed… Zion get on board.

Get the Music

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With Music Together’s “Hello Everybody” app, it’s easy to play musically as a family at home and on the go. The app comes pre-loaded with eight Music Together songs, including This Train.  If you are an MT enrollee, you can sign in with your Music Together account to access your semester music, too. The app also includes a digital version of Music Together’s award-winning Singalong Storybook, Hello, Everybody. Digital versions of our other 9 Singalong Storybooks can also be purchased