The 40th Campaign Spring Update

April 26, 2023

Dear Donors, Grantors and School Friends,

Thank you so much for your support of Pakachoag’s 40th Anniversary GRAND Campaign.  We are excited to share that as of last week, we reached our $240,000 Campaign goal!  Reaching our goal has taken the collective participation of School friends, families and grantors over a span of roughly two years.

As we move into the final months of the campaign, we wanted to let you know that last Friday, Kallin Johnson (President of the Board), myself, and Kristjon Imperio (Program Director) began our hunt for a Steinway B concert grand.  Unexpectedly, we identified the perfect piano for Pakachoag during our visit to Boston’s Steinert factory showroom:  A 20 year old, one owner (gently used) certified Steinway.  We had not anticipated buying a piano during that visit, but the instrument presented itself as something unusually good.  We decided we could not let this piano go to someone else.  Purchase price:  $90,000 (new Model B’s – 6’ 11” –  are currently going for $135,000).

To keep everyone up to date, we have had a few changes during the two-year span of the campaign.  This includes:

  • Decision to purchase drapes for eight windows in Vinton Hall, our performance space here at All Saints, for acoustical considerations (also ambience).
  • A generous challenge pledge made by a lead donor in 2022 urging us to aim higher for the very best possible piano. As a result of that gift, we upped our original $200,000 goal to $240,000; and increased the price range for the piano from a projected $60,000 to $100,000.

With the increasing costs connected to drapes needed for the hall and some additional work to ensure the piano is housed in a climate-controlled environment (summer humidity the primary challenge), we are continuing to gratefully accept gifts or pledges beyond the current $240,000 budget threshold through December 2023.

Our school newsletter that went out in February has more details about contributors including our Pakachoag “Family/Student Rally for the Grand” which has allowed us to include as many as we can in this effort.  Three piano legs and three pedals are now guaranteed to come with the piano (😊 – a little fun for students to imagine a piano without legs) – plus black and white keys too.

Remaining investment funds, part of the campaign, are being invested in T-Bills at this time to generate additional income which will help with the annual maintenance required for the Steinway and other School pianos.

We appreciate your support of the School, through change and challenges.  We also thank our Campaign Chair, Catherine Collins.  The piano and 40th Anniversary GRAND Campaign now help us take a stride into the future, with expectations for greater things to come.

As I wrap up my time as ED with Pakachoag in May, I and Kallin express continued appreciation for all that you are making possible for Pakachoag Music School’s future and the community we serve,


Sarah Smongeski                                                    Executive Director 

Kallin Johnson
President, Board of Directors

P.S.  YES! We will have some special concerts once the piano and drapes are in place.  Watch for information to come from board and staff for a celebration concert in late 2023 or 2024.

If you are not on our email list, please check the website “Events” page for updates or email us at admin@pakmusic.org.  Thank you!

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