Our Team: Debby Sedgwick, Piano

Debby Sedgwick, Piano

Debby Sedgwick is an active musician, studying piano, and playing collaboratively with other musicians. For the last 32 years, she has been teaching elementary school (mostly second and fifth grade). She retired from full-time teaching in 2011 with an eye to devoting more time to music.

Teaching piano, which she has always done after school, has been one of the most rewarding activities of her life. Debby began studying piano and violin at a young age. While majoring in mathematics at Purdue, she played in the local Symphony and University orchestras, as well as in smaller ensembles. After receiving her M.S. in math at M.I.T., she resumed her piano study, first at the North Shore Community College and then at Clark University. She has been studying piano with Cathy Fuller since 1990, and has given several solo recitals in recent years.

Debby still teaches laboratory science to elementary age children in the Worcester Public Schools on a part-time basis. She lives in Worcester with her husband, Paul. Debby teaches in both Auburn and W. Boylston.