Sponsor a Student

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Guitar Lesson with Enthusiastic Student
Providing financial aid has been part of the history of Pakachoag Music School, since the earliest days of the school.  Requests for tuition assistance are always with us as is our desire to ensure access to the arts for all, regardless of background and circumstance. Sponsor a Student gives the opportunity for donors to create immediate impact today.  With your gift, 100% of every dollar goes directly to a child’s education. Students from preschool through high school will have access to music and the arts.
I never knew that I would have the opportunity you have given me to join the music school.   Since I started taking these classes I have a learned a lot that I never knew…thank you once again and may your kind heart help others…”
-a first year piano financial aid student, 2019 You can choose to fully or partially support a student with an annual contribution to the Sponsor a Student program.  Whether you choose to make a one-time gift or make a monthly donation, your gift will pay for the musical education of a Pakachoag student. [columns] [column layout=”two”] [button id=”” button_text=”Sponsor a Student Donor Form” button_link=”https://www.pakmusic.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Sponsor-a-Student-form-2019.pdf” link_open=”_blank” button_icon=”” button_align=”” button_size=”small” button_style=”default” margin_top=”0 ” href_title=”Printable sponsor form”] [/column] [column layout=”two”] [/column] [/columns]
  • Choose $200 (One Session for a class) up to $1200 (One year of private lessons)
We’ll follow up for all pledges.  Thank you!

Sponsor a Student Fast Facts

  • Every dollar donated is directed to a specific student seeking support.
  • The average aid package for a Private Instruction student at Pakachoag is $800
  • 57% of aid recipients in 2018-2019 were non-white; 72% come from single parent homes
  • The annual family income for a student receiving aid at Pakachoag was $27,000 in 2018-2019
  • Each year, Pakachoag works to raise $25,000 to $35,000 to support students in need.

Financial Aid Overview

Any family with an annual income below $65,000 can apply for financial aid.  Amount awarded is tied directly to family income.  The average annual family income is currently $27,000, with an average per student award of $800.  Each year, we’re working to raise $25,000 to $35,000 to meet requests for support.  By joining the Sponsor A Student Program, your gift brings music into the life of a child—from preschool through age 18.