The 40th Anniversary GRAND Campaign

Together, We're Raising the Bar for the Future


Thank you to all who are supporting the effort to invest in the future of Pakachoag Music School.  A Steinway Grand Piano is coming soon to this School near you!  We’ll also be hanging drapes in the All Saints Vinton Hall for acoustical improvement, and investing funds to ensure we keep our pianos and the spaces in which they reside in good condition.  Thank you for your generosity.  

Our giving list can be viewed below.  On April 13, 2023, we hit our $240,000 goal!  However, you can STILL PARTICIPATE!  Since we put the budget together in 2021, costs have gone up rapidly.  We’ll need to spend more than we originally anticipated.  You can make a gift or a pledge anytime during 2023 and your gift will make dreams come true.

To make a gift visit our  Campaign giving and pledge page.  

If you would like more detailed information, click here for a downloadable pdf:  A Grand Campaign – Raising the Bar.

Thank you to all listed below who have helped with this effort.

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