How can you lend your support?

There are different ways you can participate in the life of Pakachoag Music School.  Whatever works for you, please know that your support translates into how many students we can serve each year, our strength in attracting high quality faculty and staff, and our ability to expand access to those in need while keeping tuition affordable for average income families.

Join the Harmony Fund, our annual, individual donor fund.  Donations may be made easily through a variety of means.  Complete information on how to easily contribute to Pakachoag Music School, please visit our Donate Now! page.

Legacy Gifts

If you are interested in learning more about how to make a legacy gift, please contact the School’s Executive Director at Admin@pakmusic.org

In-Kind Gifts

From time to time, we are in need of office supplies, print and copying services, refreshments or raffle and auction items for special events. If you can help, please contact the office at 508-791-8159 or e-mail Admin@pakmusic.org

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet people and have fun while supporting high quality music education and Pakachoag Music School.  Visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

Attend an Event

Ticketed events, in addition to providing great entertainment, play a part in keeping programs affordable for average families, keeping instruments in good order and rewarding the hard work of our faculty.  Many school events are offered free to the public, although donations are gratefully accepted.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you or your business to gain some additional visibility while also  supporting local children and youth through the unique programming provided by Pakachoag.   Sponsorship opportunities include student recitals which allow students to share their music with the community; and specific programs such as Music Together, Pakachoag’s early childhood music program, or the Suzuki Violin Program.

As a sponsor, you send a message that your business supports its local community and values quality education and enrichment opportunities for local children, youth and families.  To secure your sponsorship, please call 508-791-8159 or email sarah@pakmusic.org.

Did you know that these students with Worcester’s Black Excellence Academy (BEA) had the opportunity learn about Black excellence in music as part of the School’s Music Matters Program? Starting in 2020, Pakachoag faculty member Christon Carney led students through an eight week series of inspiring activities illustrating the role of Black music in American life.  Classes were held during after-school hours at Worcester State University.  Additional music classes continue to be offered in partnership with BEA on an annual basis.