Summer Together with Pakachoag


Hello!  Hola! Olá!  Xin chào! Maakyé!  Jambo!   Bonjour!

Welcome to online early childhood music with Pakachoag as part of  Worcester’s 2020 Summer Together partnership.

Our Summer Together with Kazoo music classes are free for families living in Worcester.  Many thanks to the United Way of Central Massachusetts for making the song books and these classes available for Summer 2020.

How It Works

You can join our classes by registering below.  Classes are private, but we’ll e-mail links each week so please be sure to sign up.  That way we’ll know you are joining us.

Come back anytime and visit us here for updates.

If we do a Facebook Live class, we’ll post the time/times next to the class date.  Check in any time, on the scheduled class day, as works for you!

Complete the registration form below and we’ll send you a link prior to each scheduled class.

July 24th class is up next (don’t worry if you missed prior classes):
Join us anytime between 9 and 8pm for class number 4!
You’ll need about 30 minutes.  You may want to have with you, for more fun:

  • a scarf or kitchen towel
  • wooden or plastic spoons
  • a cardboard box
  • a plastic food container with lid – and some beans or noodles.  It is totally ok to improvise!

Schedule of Class Dates

Most classes will run between 9am and 8pm.  Complete the registration form and we’ll add you to the class list.

  • Friday, July 10
  • Wednesday, July 15
  • Tuesday, July 21
  • Friday, July 24
  • Wednesday, July 29
  • Tuesday, August 4
  • Friday, August 7
  • Wednesday, August 12
  • Tuesday, August 18
  • Wednesday, August 26

1. Sign-Up

Use the form here to check off which date or dates you would like to attend.  You are welcome to return to this page to sign up for more classes later.

NOTE:  Advance SIGN-UP (2-3 days ahead) of your desired date(s) greatly appreciated.

2.  Pick Your Class or Classes

Use the sign up form to select your desired class or classes.   Multiple classes encouraged!

3.  Do you have your Songbook? Download your Music

Did you receive your at-home Kazoo song book ?

Supplies, your song book, a parent education guide, and the Hello App post card, are being distributed by the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester, Worcester Central YMCA, Friendly House, Greendale YMCA and other partner organizations in Worcester.

Some supplies are available in Spanish also.  If you would like us to email you pdf’s in Spanish, please email info@pakmusic.org.

  • Look for “Our Kazoo Family Music Code” inside the front cover to find your code.
  • Download your music to use at home to smart phone or i-pad using the Hello Everybody App.

You can watch this video if you need help downloading your music.

4.  Check in for class 5 minutes ahead and off we go!

On The Day of Your Class:

  • Find an open space where you can move freely and jump about a bit
  • If your space is free of distractions (toys and similar) that is even better.

Then, follow your teacher!

YOU are the role model for your child/ren.  You don’t have to have any special skills.  Just follow along and have fun.

After Class/ Between Classes

Download the Hello App to smart phone or i-Pad.  Use your song book at home to sing and play with music.

Spanish Speaking? ¿hispanohablante? 

Haga clic para descargar

guía para padres y cuidadores