Performance Program

A high school student plays piano in a recital

Performance Program 2022-2023

Performance classes and student recitals are in-person for 2022-2023.  We’re still “recovering” from COVID disruptions.  What that means is that performance class participation is slower than in prior years; with more class dates or recital dates cancelled than usual.  We hope to find our way back to a “rhythm” for the 2023-2024 school year.

We realize there is a LOT of information on this page.  That is one reason why we consider the Performance Program a full program.  Please take time to scan and digest so you have the information you need once your child might be interested and ready to participate.

View the school year calendar here.

Performance Program Overview

Performance Class Sign-Up and Rosters

Student rosters are updated regularly based on sign-up forms received.
Please arrive on time for your assigned performance class and accompanist rehearsal, if applicable.

2022-2023 School Year Classes

June: Performance Class

Friday, June 2 @ 6:30 PM & 7:00 PM Classes confirmed.

Performance Class Rosters

These listings are to-date, not necessarily final.  Click tabs at top of page to view by date.

Performance Class Rosters (ALL)

Class Withdrawal Policy & Fee

If the student withdraws for reasons other than sickness with less than one week’s notice, or they do not show up for a confirmed class, a $15 withdrawal fee will be applied to the account. This is because the work required to schedule and manage performance classes for both faculty and staff is significant. The School wishes to keep these classes available without additional fees; so, the withdrawal fee is in place to remind families that classes should be considered a priority commitment due to the time/cost for managing the classes.

Virtual Performance Classes

Virtual performance classes are pre-recorded and are viewable anytime following their premiere.  Participating families will receive an unlisted YouTube link at class start.

To be included:

  1. Check that you have your teacher’s approval for readiness to participate.
  2. Select your desired “Virutal PC” as posted in the performance class section above; and submit a sign-up form.
  3. Email videos to kristjon@pakmusic.org by the deadline.  If piano accompaniment is required, sheet music must be included with the video submission.
  4. Submitted videos require:
    • 5-seconds of silence before and after speaking/playing
    • speaking portion before playing: the performer’s first name AND the title and composer of piece to be performed
    • a smile and bow after performing

Format must be a downloadable file (.mov, .mp4, etc.).  YouTube links cannot be accepted.

Please use landscape (wide/horizontal) viewing angle to ensure the best video edit.  Keep the camera steady throughout.  Employ good lighting.  Keep background noise/sound to a minimum.

Student Recital Sign-Up & Rosters

Request to Participate Forms 2022-2023

Please note that final participation is subject to confirmation of readiness per teacher approval, and performance class participation.  If the month you request fills in advance of receiving your sign-up, we will wait list and provide priority for the subsequent month.

Forms for the 2022-2023 school year are closed.  The last student recital is scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd.

ROSTERS (To Date) 2022-2023