Performance Program

Performance Program 2022-2023

Performance classes and student recitals are in-person for 2022-2023.

View the school year calendar here.

Student Recitals & Ticket Orders

Perform LIVE amongst family and friends in a public performance environment.
These formal weekend performances give students the opportunity to showcase a mastered piece or two in front of an enthusiastic audience.  Typical recitals feature 8 to 15 students with an audience of 60+ and are about an hour long.  Students must have teacher approval, as well as participate in at least one performance class within two months of the recital date.  Formalwear (i.e. “Sunday’s Best”) is required for performers and audience.

Assignment ROSTERS

March 25-26 Recital Weekend ROSTER

Seating / Ticket Orders

  • For Vinton Hall recitals, seating capacity is 75.  We usually average 60 guests at a recital but this can vary based on family size.
  • When ordering/registering, please provide name and email for guests vs. duplicating your name.  This helps with check in.

To be equitable with seating for each family:

  • Participating students receive 3 tickets/seats automatically for student and two parents/caregivers.
  • You can order 1 or 2 additional tickets per participating student (use links below) through the Sunday prior to recital date.
  • If you need more than five seats, come back on Tuesday prior to recital date.  Any remaining tickets can be secured first come/first served starting on the Tuesday.  The system will let you know if all seats are taken.  Registration closes on the Friday prior to recital date.

Performance Classes & Accompanist Rehearsals

Perform LIVE amongst peers in a closed, learning-focused environment. 
These informal weekday evening classes provide ongoing opportunities for students to practice performance skills throughout the school year.  Typical classes feature 6-10 students and run about 30-45 minutes in length.  Rehearsals, running the hour preceding class, are available for students performing works that require piano accompaniment.  Please note that teacher approval is required to perform.  Dress code for performance classes is casual.

  1. Withdrawal Policy & Fee

    If the student withdraws for reasons other than sickness with less than one week’s notice, or they do not show up for a confirmed class, a $15 withdrawal fee will be applied to the account. This is because the work required to schedule and manage performance classes for both faculty and staff is significant. The School wishes to keep these classes available without additional fees; so, the withdrawal fee is in place to remind families that classes should be considered a priority commitment due to the time/cost for managing the classes.

Performance Class ROSTERS (All Upcoming Dates)
Student rosters are updated regularly based on sign-up forms received.
Please arrive on time for your assigned performance class and accompanist rehearsal, if applicable.

February 2023
Sign-up Form: Tuesday, February 7 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Monday, February 13 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: VIRTUAL PC Tuesday, February 28 @ 7 PM

March 2023
Sign-up Form: Friday, March 3 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Monday, March 6 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Tuesday, March 14 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Friday, March 17 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Friday, March 31 @ 7 PM

April 2023
Sign-up Form: Tuesday, April 4 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Monday, April 10 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Tuesday, April 25 @ 7 PM

May 2023
Sign-up Form: VIRTUAL PC Monday, May 1 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Tuesday, May 2 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Friday, May 12 @ 7 PM
Sign-up Form: Monday, May 15 @ 7 PM

  1. Virtual Performance Class Submission Requirements

    Virtual performance classes are pre-recorded and are viewable in their entirely following premiere.  Participating families will receive an unlisted YouTube link at class start.

    Email videos to kristjon@pakmusic.org by the deadline.  If piano accompaniment is required, sheet music must be included with the video submission.

    Submitted videos require:

    • 5-seconds of silence before and after speaking/playing
    • speaking portion before playing: the performer’s first name AND the title and composer of piece to be performed
    • a smile and bow after performing

    Format must be a downloadable file (.mov, .mp4, etc.).  YouTube links will not be accepted.

    Use landscape (wide/horizontal) viewing angle to ensure the best video edit.  Keep the camera steady throughout.  Employ good lighting.  Keep background noise/sound to a minimum.

2022-2023 Student Recitals – Request to Participate Forms Here

Please note that final participation is subject to confirmation of readiness per teacher approval, and performance class participation.  If the month you request fills in advance of receiving your sign-up, we will wait list and provide priority for the subsequent month if needed.

March 2023
Sign-up Form: Saturday & Sunday, March 25-26 Recital Weekend

April 2023
Sign-up Form: Saturday & Sunday, April 29-30 Recital Weekend

May 2023
Sign-up Form: Saturday & Sunday, May 20-21 Recital Weekend

June 2023
Sign-up Form: Saturday, June 3 Recital