Dylan from Auburn, Age 12.  Violin

This month’s student spotlight features Dylan Burke, a 6th grade violinist from Auburn.  Dylan has been  enrolled with Pakachoag for over 10 years, first as a Music Together student, and then 7 years ago, as a Suzuki Violin student.  Dylan believes’ learning new songs is really cool!’

Dylan has great words for his teacher who helps him learn new songs. She eases him into the learning by making him practice the harder parts of the song first, so other parts of the song then seem easier.

Dylan has been taking his lessons online for the current school year.   Dylan’s mom, Ruby, believes that the music lessons have not only helped Dylan make beautiful music but have also helped him improve his focus in traditional school settings.

The family had to make some adjustments to their schedule while transitioning to the online lessons. It was not very easy in the beginning, Ruby admits. The children in the family had to adjust to remote school along with online music lessons, while both parents were also adjusting to remote full-time work. But once the family found a rhythm, they adapted well to this new “online” way of learning.

When asked if anyone provides him extra inspiration, Dylan comments:  “Rob Landes is really good at playing the violin and he plays video game soundtracks on his youtube channel that I like to watch.”

Dylan is yet another success story of how online lessons at Pakachoag have helped students continue their music journeys during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It’s difficult but rewarding so keep on going, don’t give up,” Dylan recommends for current and future students.