Practice for quality and not for quantity

– Varsha Swaminathan, Five-Year Violin Student from Shrewsbury

Meet Varsha

“Varsha has really excelled in violin thanks to Pakachoag’s strong violin program”, her mother Vidya praises. Varsha is only in the 8th grade but has been part of New England Conservatory’s pre-college orchestra for three years.  She was accepted by audition last year, 7th grade, into the Junior Central District Orchestra.

Dedication is only part of the recipe for Varsha’s success.  Mom notes, “With Pakachoag making the transition to remote learning so easy, that too has contributed to her on-going growth.  Pakachoag made sure that they worked with the teacher and family to make the transition easy. Madalyne Cross, Varsha’s teacher, is providing weekly zoom lessons with Varsha, and works with the students according to the devices that they have at home”.

“My teacher is helping by always telling me ways to play even better than I already am, such as adding in dynamics and different bow techniques” Varsha excitedly reports.    And from mom:  “We are so impressed with her talent and hard work, with her having performed at various venues thanks to Pakachoag’s group lesson program”.

Varsha studies violin with Madalyne Cross.

Varsha’s Inspiration?

Varsha is inspired by the young world-renowned Chloe Chua (age 11 from Singapore).    “She is really good at playing the violin and has performed in various places as well as won many big competitions.” Varsha adds, “My teacher also helps me prepare for auditions and competitions.” Mom shares Varsha’s dreams for success.  “One day I hope Varsha becomes a performing artist in violin and she continues to play throughout her life no matter what career or profession she chooses.”

At Pakachoag, we are happy to support Varsha’s dreams.  Setting goals and working hard is the way to do it, one step at a time.

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