Congratulations to Akshaya of Northboro for her recent acceptance into the Mass. Jr. Central District Orchestra.

Akshaya writes:

“I started playing violin at the age of 5. Hearing the older students playing all these difficult pieces I only dreamed of playing myself. After almost 10 years, I’ve played and started learning all the pieces I grew up listening to at concerts. I love being able to play the violin and share the music I make with others. At every concert I attend I remind myself what an amazing thing it is to know how to play music. And accomplishments like getting into Junior Districts are what push me to keep going and try new things in the field of music.”

Teacher Amy Matherly notes:  “I’m very happy for Akshaya. She plays beautifully and deserves to be recognized for her work.  I’m looking forward to the year when she will be able to experience the Festival Orchestra in person.”

This year’s festival is remote.

The Mass. Central Districts and All State festivals are sponsored by the Massachusetts Music Educators Association.