Flute Academy

For students in the early years of playing who love to play the flute.

A young person plays the flute with good hand position

Courtyard Flute Choir Academy:  Everything Flute

Come have some fun as part of our summer Flute Choir Academy for advancing beginners and intermediate students who love to play the flute. We’ll play together, and learn about and listen to music by famous flute players and flute composers.

Summer Flute Academy 2022 Details

Registration opens late February.  Check back for confirmation when open.

  • Location:  The Courtyard at 10 Irving Street in Worcester
  • Ages:  Open, according to level of playing (more information below).  Adult students welcome.
  • Day:  Mondays.  NOTE:  We may add a Tuesday option, depending on enrollment.  If Monday cannot work for you, please email Sarah@pakmusic.org.
  • Time:  4:30 to 6:00 pm
  • Six weekly meetings:  June 27, (July 4 – no class), July 11, July 18, July 25, August 1, August 8
  • Students can pick any five or all six dates.
  • Tuition:   6 weeks – $225;  five weeks – $190
  • Tuition is due at time of registration.  Tuition is non-refundable.
    • If you cannot afford the tuition, please email us at info@pakmusic.org to review payment options.  We can also advise on whether you might qualify for financial aid.

What To Expect

Courtyard Flutes is for students who love to play the flute.  We’ll spend roughly 40 to 50 minutes each week playing duets, trios, perhaps quartets (as levels and registrations permit).  Students will learn basic small ensemble skills such as how to coordinate / stay together without a conductor, how to tune, listen and adjust for good intonation, basics of good phrasing, and tips for sight-reading in an ensemble setting.

We’ll also spend time each week listening to and discussing selections from the flute repertoire – solos, concertos, ensembles; learn about famous flute players of the last century; and discover which composers of the western classical tradition flute music also played the flute!  We’ll learn about the history of the flute, including flute traditions of Asia, Africa and other non-western cultures.

About Level of Playing

Classes are for advanced beginners and intermediate players.  Students should be able to play roughly the first 6 duets in Rubank’s Selected Duets for Flute, Volume 1 (the yellow book) – or more. This includes knowledge of quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenths, dotted quarter note patterns and dotted eighth note patterns.  Students should be able to play key signatures of up to at three sharps  and three flats (or beyond).

If you are not sure if you are at the right level, we can arrange a 10 minute zoom or in-person meeting to assess readiness.


Pakachoag Flute teachers Sarah Smongeski and Alice Daugherty, an award winning flutist, are our teachers.  Sarah will lead most classes with Alice on hand for some special ‘workshop’ sessions.

To get started, here’s a link to one of America’s more famous flutists who currently teaches in Boston and concertizes: Paula Robinson.