Ensembles-Small Groups

Here you can find information about small group ensemble options being offered during the summer. 

Summer 2021

Summer Flute Ensemble


For intermediate flutists, roughly in or entering grades 6 to 10.


  • Schedule TBD; and confirmation of this class is subject to public health updates as of June.
  • If public health circumstances permit, we anticipate meeting once or twice a week for 4 to 6 meetings in July and August.
  • This class will be in-person, with open windows, distanced; or outdoors.  Participation is subject to individual comfort.  And the status of this class is pending public health updates available in early June.

Because our Summer Flute Ensemble will be a small group, we’re currently surveying participants around schedule options.  If your child is interested in this program, please email info@pakmusic.org.


We’ll be setting tuition once we settle on a schedule.  Four meetings, tuition will be $95; 6 meetings, tuition will be $145.

What to Expect

Our flute ensemble teacher is Alice Daugherty.

We’ll be playing arrangements for 3 and 4 flutes, depending on our ensemble.   Our focus will be on building skills for good ensemble playing, including attention given to intonation, phrasing and breathing, counting and dynamics.

Students will be provided two sets of music in advance and asked to learn notes and rhythms prior to our first meeting.   We’ll add one or two additional pieces as we move through the summer.

Music will be drawn from the traditional flute ensemble repertoire, comprised of classical and folk song arrangements.

Pre-Requisites:  Students should be able to play with key signatures of up to three sharps and three flats; and with time signatures of 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8.

To Register

Please email Info@pakmusic.org.

Under Review for 2021:  Summer Chamber Music

Please check back in May for updates.  Whether these classes will run is subject to public health updates as of June 2021.

Is Chamber Music for You?

We would say yes!

When we meet in person, Pakachoag’s summer chamber music workshops blend high-quality instruction from experienced teaching artists with the fun and excitement of making music with other students who love music. Our coaches are drawn from among Pakachoag faculty and friends with teaching and performing experience specific to chamber music.

Chamber Music Summer Schedules

Session I:  July.  3 weeks.  Exact weeks and day of week TBD based on instrumentation and level.

Session II:  August.    3 weeks.  Weeks ad day of week TBD based on instrumentation and level.

Evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 pm

Summer Chamber Ensemble Tuition

  • Three weeks:  $75


Chamber music requires that we match students according to background and playing level.  Please submit as soon as you are able a roughly 16-32 measure unaccompanied sample of your playing for placement purposes.  Recordings on cell phones or other digital devices is acceptable.  Please e-mail your recording sample to Kristjon@pakmusic.org

Please also complete this Student Information Form.  We’ll ask for payment once we know if we have at least two other students who match your level and instrumentation options.

Student Information Form

Chamber Ensemble Instrument Options and What to Expect

If you play an orchestral string, brass or woodwind instrument, or piano, chamber music is a fun and effective way to improve your playing skills.  A harpsichord is available for students with interest in baroque music.

In rehearsals and master class-style sessions, we’ll cover a variety of topics like rhythm, phrasing, listening, intonation, projection and blend.

Background and Pre-Requisites

To participate, students should have at least one year of music lessons (in-school or out-of school; private or group) or ensemble experience with a band, woodwind or brass group.

The camp will be particularly helpful for students playing at the Central District level or hoping to audition for Districts in the future.

What You Will Learn

Students will be assigned, according to level, to a chamber group (winds or brass, with keyboard if appropriate) rehearsing the standard trio, quartet, or quintet repertoire.

During the course of our summer three-week workshop, we’ll rehearse pre-selected music.  We’ll work on how to make the most of rehearsal time.  That will include creating expanded rhythmic awareness, as well as sensitivity for intonation among different instruments.  We’ll also work on techniques for rehearsing more expressive phrasing as an ensemble.  We’ll set goals for each subsequent meeting and provide tips for practicing separate of the group.

The week will be particularly purposeful for students who wish to advance in solo or ensemble auditions and competitions.