Student Recitals

Student Recitals: Acknowledging Growth

School Wide Recitals

  • Provide a formal atmosphere for student performance;
  • Offer evidence of progress for students and families; and
  • Encourage students to pursue excellence while celebrating their musical growth.

Students are not required to participate in recitals.  However, if they wish to participate, we do require that students meet a number of pre-requisites in order to be included in a recital.

Most students choose and are approved to participate in what proves to be an enjoyable, rewarding and motivating experience.

Please note that Pakachoag makes a distinct effort to avoid any tone of competitiveness in school-wide recitals.  Each student’s participation is valued – no matter their level of study or achievement.  Our goal is to support each student in presenting a polished presentation — from beginner to advanced — at whatever level they are able to achieve individually.  Our focus is on growth and the discipline of preparation.

Some faculty also offer Studio Recitals featuring some or all of their students.

School-Wide recitals are scheduled for weekends in November, December, April and May.  Specific dates are posted on the annual School Calendar page.

Recital participation is available at no additional fee, although if a student misses for any reason other than sickness or family emergency, a $15 no-show fee will apply.

For more information about how to participate in performance classes and recitals, please visit the Current Student Page.