Honors Recital

Usually bi-annually (as dictated by interest), Pakachoag hosts an Honors Recital.  This is the one performance program at Pakachoag that is based on a competitive audition process.  The purpose of this recital is threefold:

  • To recognize individual growth and achievement
  • To acknowledge musicianship as reflected in the audition performance
  • To provide serious students with the opportunity to experience and learn from a competitive, audition based performance format.
  • To challenge students to reach higher in setting goals and learning new music.

To learn more about whether this recital might be appropriate for you or your child, please visit the Current Students page to download more information and speak with your instructor.

Because of the many disruptions of COVID, we are currently in a holding pattern for honors recitals.  We hope to host an honors recital perhaps in 2024.