Performance Programs

Performance Options

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Performance = Success

Pakachoag’s structured, on-going performance program is one of the key reasons Pakachoag has enjoyed a reputation over many years for providing high-quality, in-depth music education; and it is this program that has had perhaps the greatest impact on student success as illustrated in the achievements of our alumni in all areas of study.

Optional, Not Mandatory

While no student is obligated to participate in the student performance program, we find that most students enjoy the opportunity.  What our students achieve musically, academically and socially is greatly enhanced when they make performance a regular, on-going part of their studies at Pakachoag.

A Non-Competitive Tone

Pakachoag makes a distinct effort to avoid any tone of competitiveness in school-wide performance classes and recitals.  Each student’s participation is valued – no matter their level of study or achievement.  Our goal is to support each student in presenting a polished presentation — from beginner to advanced — at whatever level they are able to achieve individually.  Our focus is on growth and the discipline of preparation.

Please note that students in their first semester or year of study may not immediately be recommended for participation in performance programs.  Our goal is to make sure each student is ready for a successful experience.  If performance is an important part of your goals for yourself or your child, please be sure to let your instructor know of your interest.