Online Learning

A remote music lesson

Welcome to online learning with Pakachoag Connect.  If you see this logo as part of a program description, you’ll know that we are offering online learning options for that specific program. Some programs include online and in-person options; some are offered only online.

With Pakachoag making the transition to remote learning so easy, that too has contributed to my daughter’s on-going growth.  Pakachoag made sure that they worked with the teacher and family to make the transition easy. Madalyne Cross, Varsha’s teacher, is providing weekly zoom lessons with Varsha, and works with the students according to the devices that they have at home”.  Vidya, from Shrewsbury.

Online / Remote Learning with Pakachoag Connect

Welcome to our online remote learning program, Pakachoag Connect.   Pakachoag Connect offers a number of online learning choices with Pakachoag Music School starting Fall 2020.

During COVID-19, some of our programs are offered online only.  Some in-person options are available with safety protocols in place.  Moving forward, when all or most activities return to in-person, Pakachoag will continue to offer remote, online options for a number of programs.

Online Learning Choices

  1. Private Lessons

    Private Music Lessons

    • Available for school aged students through retirement
    • Choose online only or a combination of in-person and online.  For the online only option, dependent upon age and instrument, we may ask for some pre-requisites in order to ensure a successful experience.
    • Available for most instruments
  2. Early Childhood Classes

    Early Childhood Classes:

    Music Together Online® (MTO)
    Babies Online, and Rhythm Kids

    • You’re the role model!  That means screen time is primarily for parent/caregiver.
      You follow the teacher; your child or baby follows you!
    • For parents of babies:
      Learn how to nurture and grow your babies inner musician.
    • Toddlers and pre-schoolers with caregiver learn through play.
    • Pre-K and K children are honing skills for music success.
    • Our classes are active and interactive
  3. School-Age Classes
  4. Workshops

Why Online Learning with Pakachoag Connect?

Pakachoag Connect provides

A Music Together family enjoys their weekly music class. Providing music and suggestions for making music at home with little ones is part of the worldwide MT curriculum.

  • More flexible scheduling for students and families
  • Expanded geographic access to our pool of experienced teaching artists, and
  • Assists in situations where weekly travel for on-site (far or near) is not always possible due to health or transportation challenges.

This page summarizes program options we are offering long-term through Pakachoag Connect and explains next steps for more information or enrollment.

While we are offering additional programs (some ensembles and student performance programs) online during COVID-19,  those programs are not currently part of the long-term Pakachoag Connect program options listed here.

Why Choose Pakachoag Connect?

Pakachoag Music School is investing in technology for remote learning to provide high quality experiences, in keeping with our overall commitment to quality teaching and learning.

School-wide policies help support a predictable and safe experience while online.

We are happy to assist new students and families with technology information to help get you set up and problem solve if you encounter any connectivity issues.  For families receiving financial aid, we may be able to assist by loaning a device and related equipment you will need for online learning.

Parents On Pakachoag Connect Online Learning

We have been very pleased at how well [my child’s] online piano lessons have been going and that she still has the opportunity to take good quality lessons in this time of social distancing. Thanks for giving us a way to keep music in our lives!”  Anonymous Parent Survey Response

We can’t stress how important music has been to our child and family’s spirits during this crisis. Thank you to the Pakachoag administration and teachers for their dedication. We love you!”  Jen from Charlton, MA

I cannot thank you enough for pulling together such an impressive and inspiring online curriculum. We’ve been skeptical of distance-learning activities for our daughter P., as she’s 2.5 years old and doesn’t really grasp the concept yet, and she has not enjoyed some of the other online classes for her age group. However, last week was our first Music Together class (via Zoom), and we loved it! Thank you again for what your community has done for our families during this unpredictable and unprecedented time.”  Music Together Parent

Do I need special equipment?

An adult student takes an online harp lesson

Adult harp student Tina takes her weekly lesson online. Tina has participated in online student performance classes also by submitting a video of selected pieces she is learning.

Usually no, however we will provide, as part of Pakachoag Connect , recommendations on some basic equipment which can enhance your online learning experience.  Once we know your program of interest or for lessons, your goals and background, we can provide more information.

If you have internet access, we can help you get started.  A chromebook or other type of pad or laptop with stand works best.  We can offer tech support around simple ways to improve internet connectivity if needed.

For our early childhood program, the screen is for mom, dad, or grandparent/caregiver.  You will be the teacher/role model for your child, guided by our Pakachoag early childhood specialist.   Everyone sings, shakes, jumps up and down, etc.  You do not need to be musically “experienced” or have any special skills.

We most frequently use Zoom; but Facetime may be available for some lessons or classes; We may occasionally use Facebook Live.

How Do I pay for Online Music Learning?

We can set you up to pay online with credit card or you can mail in a check.  Visit our Tuition & Fees section for details by program area.
We offer financial aid for families with limited annual income, as funding permits.

I’m Interested; What Next?

  • For private lessons, please complete this Private Lesson Inquiry Form.  Please note on that form if you are interested in remote-only lessons.  You can also note in-person only, or a combination.
  • For early childhood online classes, visit our MT schedules page  to see which classes are currently being offered online.
  • For group classes, visit the individual program pages under our Group Programs section; look for the Pakachoag Connect logo to quickly identify for which classes we offer an online option.
  • If you are interested in other online options, please contact our Program Director Kristjon Imperio at kristjon@pakmusic.org

If you have additional questions, please contact our registration team: