Songwriting with Brenda Lau

Welcome to Songwriting!  I am a professional vocalist and songwriter.  Songwriting is my passion and I love to work with students of all ages in finding and building your songwriting talent.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish.

Brenda Lau, Pakachoag Faculty Member
Winner of Panama’s Batalla de las Estrellas (Battle of the Stars)
Graduate, Berklee College of Music, Boston

What To Expect

As part of songwriting, you’ll learn

  • basic chord progressions;
  • how to improvise a melody; and
  • where or how to find inspiration for lyrics. 

Next, we’ll learn and practice how to put it all together successfully.

We’ll also be thinking about verses vs. chorus, two key components of award winning songs.

For those who are already on their way to creating songs, Brenda can help you with harmonizing, editing and recording.

As part of songwriting, you’ll also learn how to use modes and modal interchange according to the different types of genre and emotions.

Ages, Levels, Pre-Requisites

We recommend songwriting for middle school, high school and adult students, however Brenda can work with younger students as part of vocal or guitar instruction.  That means, songwriting is available in varying forms to ages 7 to 70 plus.

The art of songwriting is in part about finding your own voice and then translating that into your chosen music genre.  Creating a song involves a number of pieces.  Putting all the pieces together takes practice.

Brenda works with students of all song writing levels and music backgrounds, beginner to advancing, adapting her focus on where your skill set needs the most assistance.

You can choose either a set of 8 weekly private lessons or sign on for a small group class.  Group classes run for 8 weeks starting summer, fall and winter/spring.

Group classes usually involve a waiting period while we assemble interest.  Perhaps you have friends also interested? That helps us in creating a group.

Voice? Guitar? Keyboard?

These are the most traditional instruments used by songwriters.  Brenda can work with you using any combination of these instruments to develop your ability.  Part of your learning will also be linked to becoming adept with your instrument.

Interested in Songwriting

Please submit this inquiry form as your starting point.  Our program director, Kristjon Imperio, will then follow up to talk about current availability and choices.


  • For private /one-on-one instruction cost information, a set of eight 30-minute lessons costs $360.
  • For private 45-minute lessons, a set of eight lessons costs $480.
  • For on-going (school year) voice or guitar lessons that can incorporate songwriting skill development, please visit our Private Lessons Tuition page.    School-year tuition is calculated based on a 32 week school year or according to the remaining number of weeks in our school-year schedule.

Summer lessons and classes are available according to student and teacher availability.

Group class tuition is determined based on number of students enrolled.  We can provide more information as part of the inquiry process.

Looking for Inspiration To Get Started?