Flute, Piccolo, Fife

Flute students play in an ensemble.

Flute Lessons

Flute, fife, piccolo and recorder lessons are currently available in Worcester.  If interested in taking flute lessons in Shrewsbury, please call the office or e-mail us to check on availability.

Students should generally be about 10 years old to begin the flute.

For younger students, we recommend the fife. The Fife is similar to flute but smaller and thus ideal for younger students aged 7, 8 and 9 years old.  The fife is a great way to prepare for flute lessons in the future.

To get started, you may wish to submit this lesson inquiry form.

Recorder lessons are also available for ages 6 and up.

Why play Fife or Recorder?

The fife and recorder both require less air. Both are smaller than the flute and easier for a younger student to handle.  The flute, on the other hand, requires considerable air capacity to generate and sustain a sound, the student must be strong enough to hold the instrument horizontally for a sustained number of minutes, and should have sufficient arm length to stretch and reach the keys.

Younger flute students may benefit from renting or purchasing a curved flute headjoint.

Weekly Flute Lessons?

While lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis during the school year, we will consider accepting adult students on an every-other-week basis if scheduling permits.

Summer flute lessons are available on an individual basis according to student and teacher availability.  Please contact the office in April or May for information regarding summer lesson availability.

We accept students of all levels, beginning to advanced.  Adult students are also welcome.

Please complete our lesson inquiry form for more information regarding scheduling and teacher assignment options.

You can view more information about our Flute (fife, piccolo, recorder) teachers at our Faculty page.

Flute for Beginners

We accept students at every level which includes beginners.  We’ll select a method book that is suitable for the student’s age.  

Advanced Flute Student Lessons

Most of our flute students progress to the intermediate and advanced levels as they move through high school.  Some students progress to a level suitable for advanced study at the college level as a music performance or music education major.

Many students enjoy the flute as one of a number of interests.