Cello Lessons in Worcester

Pakachoag Music School offers cello lessons at our Worcester location.  We accept students aged 4.5 and up.  For the youngest students, we will ask some questions to advise on readiness.

At Pakachoag, we teach both traditional cello and suzuki method cello.

Pakachoag accepts students of all levels, beginners to advanced.    Our Program Director will work with you to determine the best placement in terms of schedules, musical interests and individual goals.

To get started, you may wish to submit this lesson inquiry form.

Scheduling of Cello Lessons

While cello lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis during the school year, we will consider accepting adult students on an every-other-week basis if scheduling permits.

Summer lessons are available on an individual basis according to both student and teacher availability.  Please contact the office in April or May for information regarding summer lesson availability.

Please feel free to e-mail info@pakmusic.org for more information.

Five Reasons to Take Cello Lessons

1. When you learn to play the cello, you integrate multiple learning styles including auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. As your child learns through these varied styles, they broaden their learning capabilities in ways that can be beneficial in an academic setting.

2. Cognitive Processing.  Taking cello lessons uses and strengthens cognitive processes.  These processes include things like sensory processing, multitasking, coordination, and the ability to categorize information. These are all skills that are beneficial in other areas of life!

3. Memory.  Learning to play the cello (or any instrument) strengthens the memory’s ability to recall information. Continued learning ensures that even in adulthood, your memory recall is kept in prime condition!

4. Performance Skills. When we learn to play musical compositions, we often play with other students or with a pianist. These opportunities allow us to learn how to work with others, especially within a limited time frame.

5. Self-discipline.  When we study a musical instrument, we must also learn the discipline of practice.  In order to master the cello, it’s important that practice become a part of everyday life. Self-discipline is a key skill for success in school and the workplace.