Yes, we offer accordion lessons.

accordian lessons at Pakachoag

Sam Politz learned to play the accordian at an early age as part of his Cajun music roots in Louisianna, his home state.  If you would like to learn or become more adept with this unusual instrument, Sam can help you.

School-aged and adult students welcome.

For adult students, if you cannot commit to a weekly school-year schedule, please call us – depending upon schedule needs and teacher availability, we may be able to provide some flexibility.

More Information about Accordion Lessons

The best way to get started with accordion lessons is to complete this lesson inquiry form.

You can also email info@pakmusic.org or call 508.791.8159.

Summer lessons also available.

Is it easy to learn accordion?

Just like other musical instruments, with daily practice, you should start to become comfortable playing simple tunes in about 3 or 4 months. The hard part about learning how to play accordion is making your hands work independently – pressing the keys and buttons while moving the bellows back and forth.
By playing the accordion, you can also develop your manual dexterity and increase your hand and finger strength.  Accordion is similar to keyboard instruments in that it allows you to play melodies, basslines and chords at the same time.

Benefits of Accordion Lessons

Ease of Learning

Single note bass and fixed chord buttons make for very fast and easy learning of bass and rhythm accompaniment.

Education, General Academic Improvements
By learning the accordion, students learn how to organize their time for practice.  Research has shown that people who learn music early in life achieve better academic results.

Problem Solving
To be able to play music one learns how to concentrate on a problem and find the best solution.

Music Appreciation
It is easier to appreciate and enjoy music if one understands how music is structured.

As progress is made through musical education the ability to concentrate increases. With increased concentration comes improved memory skills.

Playing the accordion requires coordination. Not only do players use both hands, but the left arm operates the bellows while the player reads music. As difficult as this sounds, a student can learn to play a piece of music fairly quickly.

The accordion is an incredibly versatile instrument. Not only can it play most musical styles, it is also very good for improvisation.

You can learn more about the accordion at this link:  About the Accordion (Wikipedia)