Private Music Lessons

Music Lessons with Pakachoag Music School


Pakachoag offers private music lessons, online and in-person, across a range of instruments and musical styles.  Instruments include piano, organ and harpsichord.  We also teach traditional instruments of the orchestra:  violin, viola, bass,  and cello; as well as traditional band instruments such as trumpet, flute, clarinet, piccolo, and saxophone. 

Other options includes recorder, guitar, ukulele, accordion, and pipe organ! We offer training in the traditional/classical style, plus jazz, folk, and more. Please visit our Instruments and Musical Styles page for additional information.

Pakachoag Faculty

All of our teachers are expert musicians on their instrument of instruction.  In other words, our faculty fall into the category of ‘teaching artists’.   This means that faculty can guide you in maximizing your music learning outside of your weekly lesson.  This includes teaching you skills for how to practice and covering basic theory concepts like key signatures, rhythmic patterns and harmonic/chord structure.  You can learn more about our faculty here.

We're More Than a Weekly Private Lesson

Lessons at Pakachoag include more than you might imagine. That includes access to our Performance Programs which contribute to the unique Pakachoag experience. This program is available at no cost to all private lesson students and provides opportunities to perform with an audience.

In addition to our performance program, you’ll find you can also connect over time as a member of your individual teacher’s studio.   We’ll work with you to find a good teacher match.  Then, in addition to scheduling a weekly lesson, we’ll help you decide on the best lesson length – 30, 45 or 60 minutes .  We schedule most lessons at our primary home in Worcester.  We also schedule some lessons in West Boylston.

A violin student from Holden takes a summer lesson
A ukulele student from Worcester learns some new notes as part of a group class

Related Programs

You may also be interested in these related programs.  

Musicianship/Theory Classes are sometimes available depending on your age and level.  We offer these classes at a discount for enrolled students.

The Royal Conservatory Program is a curriculum built on a national assessment standard

The Suzuki program for cello and violin offers a more structured approach to learning. This program also includes parents as key learning partners.

We also offer group classes and occasional small ensembles (based on interest and matching) as an extension to private lessons

Why Take Music Lessons?

If you are on the fence as to whether music lessons are for you, your child or perhaps a grandchild, you may find this PBS for Parents article about the benefits of music study helpful.

Learning to play an instrument helps teach a large array of skills from how to concentrate, focus and be patient to reading fluency and memory.

 Research shows that music is the ONLY activity which engages every part of the brain in learning.

Piano student from Auburn takes a lesson