For Adults

Give Yourself the Gift of Music!  at Pakachoag.


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“I love teaching adults because you can talk about the music in order to discover what the composer wanted in the composition. It can be very gratifying to help the adult student gain confidence and ultimately discover creative abilities through lessons.” — Janeen Baker, Piano Teacher

“This is more exciting than I thought it would be!” A passing comment made by Bob Thebeau, Adult Piano Student of Inna Muravnik, after leaving his second lesson in June 2003.  Update:  While Bob no longer studies piano with us, the family remain donors to the School, recognizing that their support makes it possible for others to access music at Pakachoag.

Summer Workshops

Pakachoag Music School offers varying programs each summer.
Summer programs may include adult-specific workshops, usually meeting once a week.
Please check out the summer program page for more information.

Summer 2018:  We’re offering a favorite from a few years back:  Adult Vocal Health and Sight Reading Workshop.

Private Lessons & Ensembles


All of Pakachoag’s teachers have experience teaching adults. We have day time and evening hours available. The school sometimes schedules adult specific performance classes or recitals –  for fun. No one is required to participate – but its a nice opportunity to get to know others who are working toward similar goals.

Adults are welcome to participate in ensembles as scheduling permits. Most of the School’s ensembles are small and we work together like a family. In the past, adult student have participated and performed with the School’s Flute Choir, Unison of Violins and Fiddle Class.

Fiddle Class & The Unison of Violins

These ensembles meet about twice a month.  The level required for participation is roughly students playing at the level of Suzuki books 4 or 5.   Please visit the ensemble program page for more information.