Music for All Ages

At Pakachoag Music School, we offer programs and music for all ages and abilities!

Our programs offer learning opportunities from birth into retirement.  You can’t be too young to start as a member of our Music Together program.  And, it’s never too late to explore music as an adult by taking private lessons.  Music really is for everyone.

Music for All Ages Includes Senior Learners...

If you are older, the benefits of music are many.  But mostly, our adult students partake in music lessons for enjoyment.  All of the benefits that accompany lessons or workshops are a big extra plus!  Here’s some interesting research about the benefits of music for older adults from “Cognitive Vitality”.

Music for All Ages Includes Babies too!

For instance, did you know that babies love the patterns and rhythms of songs?  Even babies can recognize specific melodies once they’ve heard them a few times. Sing with your child. As children grow, they may enjoy singing with you. Setting words to music can help the brain learn vocabulary more quickly.  And, singing is shown to strengthen memory too.  But, mostly, music is fun, as well as a wonderful social outlet for little ones, parents or grandparents.

College Age?

Most years, we have a number of local college students taking lessons at Pakachoag.  Whether you are  novice or looking for conservatory-level instruction, we can help.

At Pakachoag, Music is for all ages, no matter your background.

School Age?

Want to understand more about when to take music lessons?  Here is a great “The Next Step” article from Music Together® National.

As your child grows, they may tell you they want to play an instrument.   But are they ready for music lessons? What is a good age for a child to begin music lessons?  Every child is different.  Children aged 5 to 7 may be ready for the next musical step forward.  Not only are children’s hands and minds becoming functional enough to play, but they can actually begin to understand the basics of music structure and reading.

Our Suzuki Program and Music Safari classes are a great next step for children moving out of the Music Together program.  If you have not participated in Music Together, you can still sign on.