Homeschool Music

Homeschool Music Lessons & Classes

Homeschool music lessons at Pakachoag have a long history of serving local homeschool families over many years.  Families find Pakachoag an inviting place to convene often for a span of hours.  We are usually able to provide, at no cost, additional space for sibling homework for families whose lessons are scheduled at the beginning of our afternoon lesson schedules.  While early and mid- afternoon is the most popular time for our homeschool music schedules, morning options may also be available.

Homeschool Space

For Your Homeschool Lessons

Including Online Options

Whether you have one child scheduled for a 30 minute music lesson or a family of six scheduled for a few hours of private lessons, our studio space provides the option for completing outside school work as a family.  This includes access to the internet in-studio via a “remote teaching cart” with large screen monitor, microphone and speakers.

Homeschool music lessons include space for siblings to work during lesson time.

Tuition Assistance for Homeschool Music Lessons

We know that schooling children at home involves a financial commitment for families.  To help make music a part of your learning, Pakachoag offers special tuition assistance for homeschool families whose income or circumstances limit funds available for lessons.

This special homeschool tuition assistance is made possible by School friends who are committed to keeping music accessible to families who choose to homeschool.

Please let our Program Director know if you would like more information on Homeschool Tuition Assistance and Financial Aid.

Group Music

For Your Homeschool Friends or Family

Homeschool families and friends are invited to make music together at Pakachoag.  We have several teachers who can potentially schedule a world drumming class, recorder class, singing class, guitar or ukulele class.  Music theory classes for middle and high school students already on their musical journey is also an option.

If you are interested in arranging a group music experience with Pakachoag, please contact the School’s program director to discuss your interests and needs.

Interested? Where to Start?

Please submit this lesson/class inquiry form as your first step.  Our Program Director will follow up to review your interests and needs and available options.  Please note that while this form is oriented around private lesson inquiries, you can also use this to get started with a group music class inquiry.