Record Professionally

Learn how to successfully record at home without designing a sound studio and without purchasing expensive equipment.  Whether you are recording as a soloist or as lead tech for an ensemble of 2 or more, faculty member Scott Daugherty, has tips for success.

Schedule for ‘How to Record, Professionally’

  • Four weeks.  Start date TBA.  Please email hello@pakmusic.org for information.
  • Mondays
  • Online
  • 5:00 to 5:45 pm or 5:00 to 6:00 pm*

We know that online learning takes energy and concentration.  We’d like to set the end time based on what we think will work best, educationally.  We would rather provide a strong 45 minute experience that is engaging vs. an hour which might lead to fatigue.  That said, depending on the background, ages and size of group, we may find that a full hour works perfectly.  If you don’t mind on planning for between 45 and 60 minutes, that would be great!


  • $110 (non-refundable) / $95 for Pakachoag Students taking private lessons
  • Class Maximum:  6 students   Minimum:  3 students



Suggested Age Range and Background

Recording Professionally at Home is designed for students in grades 8 to 12 who are playing or singing music from the traditional classical, folk or jazz repertoire.

What to Expect

Whether you wish to play music with friends, remotely; to be ready to successfully complete a remote audition; or send a sampling of your music to a prospective college, we’ll have tips on how to best approach the challenge.

We’ll explore equipment/hardware choices, provide advice on the right venue with regard to acoustics, talk about pros and cons of the latest software available, and provide tips for putting everything together.  We’ll be using “Audacity“, a free software (useable on all devices/operating systems), to experiment and complete individual projects.

Along the way, we’ll  learn some of the basics of the acoustics of music, as a science.

Teacher for How To Record, Professionally

Our teacher is faculty member and sound technician Scott Daugherty.  We’ve included a video below of some of Scott’s recent technician work.

Scott will use zoom as his teaching platform.  We’ll be using a private class link and waiting room to create a safe learning space.  And, the best part, no grades!