Music Theory / Composition

Music Theory is sometimes part of piano lessons and can be fun.


Create & Imagine:  Music Theory for the Developing Artist


Create & Imagine is an interactive virtual class for young, developing musicians providing fundamentals of music theory while also journeying through the lives and music of current and past composers.

  1. More About Create & Imagine

    We’ll bring your creativity and imagination alive through supplementary projects chosen by and personalized for each student, all with an emphasis on increasing awareness and confidence in creating and performing music.

    Not your typical theory class, we’ll be exploring theory topics broadly within the context of composition – both your own and that of famous composers, both historical and current.

    For students anxious to also pin down basic, more traditional theory understanding (scales, key signatures, rhythmic patterns, intervals), we can provide a workbook to match your playing level for independent study (with teacher check-in).

This class is offered online, as part of the Pakachoag Connect Program.

Tuition for Create & Imagine Music Theory

Tuition per 7 week set:  $150 or $98 for Pakachoag students
Tuition for Pakachoag private lesson students reflects a 35% discount.



Four 7-week segments meeting weekly

Starting October; January and March.

While students can sign up for any set of 7 classes, you can expect for  learning to accelerate for those who participate in multiple class sets.  Each class set will include group class meetings as well as individual coaching sessions.

Weeks are organized as follows:

  •  1: Class (45-minutes)
  •  2: Class (45-minutes)
  •  3: Class (45-minutes)
  •  4: One-on-ones or groups* (20-minutes each student)
  •  5: Class (45-minutes)
  •  6: One-on-ones or groups* (20-minutes each student)
  •  7: Class (45-minutes)

*Weeks 4 & 6 groups would be the more project-focused material, etc.

Composition Classes, Private Theory

In addition to Create & Imagine, we currently offer private theory and composition lessons.   Alternatively, a student can choose to take a private lesson on their instrument of choice and combine theory instruction as part of the weekly instruction.  For combined lesson and theory, we require a minimum 45 minute lesson.

Please email Kriston@pakmusic.org to let us know more about your interests and needs.  All private lesson teachers are available to provide theory instruction.  We can recommend a teacher after learning more about your background and goals.

Michael Stubblefield is available to teach Music Composition to intermediate/advancing students who already have some theory background.  Mr. Stubblefield holds a DMA in Music Composition from the Hartt School.  Michael has background in all music styles from classical to heavy metal!  So, whatever your interest – if you wish to write music, he can assist and guide.