Merit Brass

Merit Brass at Pakachoag offers scholarships for qualifying high-school students who play a brass instrument.

Merit Brass Program Overview

  • Applications will be accepted starting June 2019
  • Auditions begin August 2019
  • Up to three lesson and five ensemble Merit Scholarships will be awarded starting September 2019

Students will be selected based on ability and musicianship.

For Trumpet Students

Trumpet students interested in taking lessons at Pakachoag are invited to audition for a school-year Merit Brass Lesson Scholarship.  Students selected for the Merit Brass Lesson Scholarship program will also receive a full scholarship for the Merit Brass Ensemble.

Or, students opting into just the Ensemble, without lessons, will qualify for 50% Ensemble Merit Scholarship.

Scholarship amounts and pre-requisites are outlined below.

Trombone, French Horn or low brass?

Trombone, French Horn and low brass students are encouraged to audition for the Merit Brass Ensemble.  If selected, you’ll receive a 50% merit scholarship off the regular ensemble tuition fee.

Scholarship amounts and pre-requisites are outlined below.

Merit Lesson Scholarships

Qualifying students who complete a successful audition and wish to take trumpet lessons with Pakachoag Music School will receive either a…

  • 20% merit scholarship toward the 30 minute lesson rate – $250 for the school year or
  • 30% merit scholarship toward the 45 minute lesson rate – $500 for the school year or
  • 40% merit scholarship toward the 60 minute lesson rate  – $952 for the school year.

We encourage a minimum 45 minute lesson when possible.

Merit Brass Ensemble Scholarships

Qualifying students who do not take lessons at Pakachoag, but wish to participate in the Merit Brass Ensemble will receive a 50% discount off the school year ensemble tuition – a $277 scholarship for the school year.

Trumpet students accepted into the Merit Lesson Program will receive full tuition scholarship for the ensemble – an additional $554 scholarship for the school year.

Open Rate Ensemble Tuition is $185 per 8 week session.  Three sessions are scheduled during the school year, running September to June.

Pre-Requisites and How to Apply

  • The program is open to high school trumpet and other brass players by audition.
  • Students should be at a level comparable to qualification level for Central Districts, however you do not need to have been accepted into Central Districts in order to audition for this program.

Please contact the school for an audition application.  The application should be submitted with a non-refundable $40 audition fee.    For students accepted for the Merit Brass Program, the audition fee will be applied against the school year registration fee for students accepted for the program.

Students accepted with merit scholarships, for lessons and/or ensemble, are required to:

  • Commit to the full school year (September to June).
  • Be available for lessons on Thursdays at 3:30 pm or later (time can be negotiated).
  • Participate in a trumpet or brass ensemble which will meet 24 times (September to June), three 8 week sessions, also on Thursdays.
  • Perform in two or three Pakachoag student recitals; and two to three outreach performances, with dates and times to be negotiated in advance.

Students will be expected to come prepared for the weekly lesson and ensemble rehearsals.  More than 4 absences during the course of the year; and/or more than 4 unprepared lessons, in the absence of special circumstances, may result in withdrawal of scholarship.