Programs at Pakachoag.  Music and Performing Arts: The Universal Language.

Programs at Pakachoag include recitals.


Music is a universal language. It transcends boundaries and has the power to bond people the world around. It reaches beyond culture and language to touch the depths of our souls, express our common emotions, and inspire us all.”

From The Music Together®  National Web Site.

Music Programs at Pakachoag

Pakachoag offers music programs for everyone – literally from birth into retirement.

Here in our Program Section you can learn more about private lessons, including the Suzuki Violin and Cello Program.  Those classes and lessons are offered in both Worcester and W. Boylston.

Also learn about Music Together, our early childhood music and movement program, used around the world.  We offer classes in five locations including at the Hanover Theater Conservatory, in Auburn, Sterling, Sturbridge and also West Boylston.

Or, take a look at our Summer Session which includes camps, classes, workshops and lessons.

For adults, we offer adult lessons and occasional workshops or enrichment activities.

Our Performance Program is an integrated part of our private lesson program.  We schedule over 25 student performances annually both on and off-site.

Every program at Pakachoag is designed to nurture creativity, cultivate the imagination, and for the long-term, inspire artistry.  Early childhood classes lay the foundation for future success – in music and in school.  Our school age programs build skills for success, centered around our love for music.  Through performance, we teach students how to recover in the moment.  We work hard, we challenge, and hope to inspire too.

And, we also know that music is for life!  That means it is never too late to learn.  Adult students are welcome.

Browse our sub pages for  a full roster of offerings.  And call us or email if you’d like more information about schedules, locations, teachers, or special events.  We’re busy throughout the year and many students join us mid-year.