Private Lesson Tuition

Private Lesson Tuition & Payment Options – 2022-2023

  • What’s Included? A weekly private lesson and the opportunity to participate in additional performance/enrichment activities.
  • Deposits: Due at registration.  Deposits need to be received by the office 48 hours prior to attending the first lesson.
  • Registration Fee: Non-refundable; due with deposit. $40/student; $70/family.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Auto-charge via credit/debit card October 1st through April 1st.
  • Payment Methods: Payment accepted by credit/debit card via PayPal, check or cash.
  • Financial Aid: Opportunities are available! For more information: Financial Aid

Starting mid-year? No problem! We pro-rate based on lessons remaining in the school year calendar.

Summer lessons are billed separate of school year.  Visit our Summer Session pages for details.

Tuition Options Overview

30 Minutes
$43 per lesson

Deposit:  $384

Followed by one of two options:

  1. Full Payment by Sept 30th = ~$1,092
  2. Monthly Payment Plan= ~$160/month, October through April

45 Minutes
$61 per lesson

Deposit: $528

Followed by one of two options:

  1. Full Payment by Sept 30th = ~$1,534
  2. Monthly Payment Plan= ~$227/month, October through April

60 Minutes
$81 per lesson

Deposit: $688

Followed by one of two options:

  1. Full Payment by Sept 30th = ~$2,054
  2. Monthly Payment Plan= ~$301/month, October through April

SAMPLE: Private Lesson Monthly Payment Plan (2022-2023)

Actual payment amounts may vary based on your date of registration, teacher schedules, discounts, etc.  These sample plans are based on 34 lessons with no discount adjustments.

2022-2023  Annual Tuition

Annual tuition assumes a 34-week schedule, September to May/early June.  Monday and Saturday students are prorated to a 32-week schedule.

*These amounts will be prorated for mid-year enrollment according to the number of weeks remaining in the school-year schedule.

  • 30 minutes:  $1,502
  • 45 minutes:  $2,114
  • 60 minutes:  $2,794

Payment Options

Full Payment (5% Tuition Discount)

Students/families wishing to make full payment at the beginning of the school year may take advantage of our 5% full payment discount if payments are received by the office no later than September 30th.

  • Deposit due at registration (see above)
  • Final balance payment completed by September 30th.
  • A final bill will be supplied by the office.

Monthly Pay Plan (Deposit + 7 Monthly Auto-Payments)

For students/families wishing to budget the lesson tuition throughout the school year, the monthly plan allows for lower payments and no due dates to remember!  Monthly plans are automatically charged on a debit or credit card to be provided to the office prior to the first day of classes.

  • Deposit at registration (see above)
  • For students beginning in September, first payment is charged on October 1st and followed by 7 monthly installments thru April 1st (see samples above). Each payment is processed on the 1st of the month (or closest business day).
  • Pro-rated for mid-year enrollment.


A listing of discounts offered can be found at Tuition Discounts 2022-2023.

Ready to Register?

Please read the policies below before you go!

New to Pakachoag and interested in joining us?  Please visit the Private Lesson Inquiry, Registration & Scheduling page.

Current families can go directly to the Forms & Registration page.

Private Instruction Tuition Policies & Details

  • Withdrawals: If for some reason you are unable to continue for the full year, you may withdraw with four weeks notice.  You will be charged for the number of weeks that have elapsed since your start date, plus four.  Any over-payment after adjustments are made will be refunded.
  • Minimum: We do recommend that you sign on with the intention of a minimum 3 month commitment. This is because it takes a number of weeks for a student to develop a routine of practice and the student develops a better sense of success once they can experience their progress over an extended number of weeks.
  • Monday & Saturday Students: Monday students are billed based on a 32 week annual schedule to allow for Labor Day and Memorial Day holidays and weekends.
  • Mid-Year Enrollment: While the payment plans outlined are set up to reflect enrollment for a full academic year, families are welcome to enroll mid-year. Tuition will be pro-rated based on your start date and the number of weeks remaining in the school year calendar (through late May/early June). Payment due dates usually remain the same, with dollars due adjusted as appropriate.
  • Late payments: Late payments are assessed a $15 monthly late fee. If payment is not made in a timely manner, lessons will be discontinued.
  • Payment Plans: The School offers a monthly payment with credit card.  We will consider individualized payment plans upon request. Please contact the office for more information. We are unable to accept payments on a per lesson basis.