Tips for Registering On Line

From here, you can access the registration portal where you can either:

  • Log in to an existing account to make payment against a pre-existing registration; or
  • Search and pay for your desired class.

Tips for Using the Portal

Before using the button below to move to the portal, please review these five tips.  You will need to be aware of all five items in order to find your way in the portal.

1.  In the portal, please use a browser other than FireFox.

2.  Registering for a class? Not private lessons; not Suzuki program

If you wish to register for a class, anything other than private lessons and Suzuki program (school year or summer), you should begin by clicking “Register / Class Search”. 

Even if you have a pre-existing account, you will need to begin the process with “Register / Class Search”.

2nd Floor Waiting Area at the School’s Worcester offices and studios.

Then, when you click “add to cart”, you will be prompted to log in or create account.   Follow the prompts.  Please see No. 4 below.

3.  Making a Payment? or Reviewing a Pre-Existing Registration?

If you wish to make payment against an existing registration (most commonly, this is for families enrolled or enrolling in the Private Lesson and Suzuki Programs) or you wish to review your enrollment history, click on “My Account / Make a Payment”.

4.  Moving Between “My Account” and “Register/Search”

Currently, the two entry points into the registration system, “My Account / Make a Payment” and “Register/Search for Class”, are not inter-connected.    (Our web developer is working on changing this issue for the future).

This means: If you are registering for a class, but also need to enter the “My Account” area to set up or retrieve account information or add a student name to your account, you may need to log out of the “My Account” area in order to exit and re-enter the ‘search for a class’ area.  At that point, you can continue through the process – select your desired class, designate the appropriate student, and complete registration.

Reception Desk at 10 Irving Street, 2nd floor (at All Saints Church)

5. Regarding user names and passwords

If you have had any contact with the school prior to your visit to this page today (via the registration portal, by email or by phone), you may already have a username, password and account in place (regardless of whether you have any prior registration).

If this is the case, either section of the portal (‘My Account/Make Payment’ or ‘Search/Register’ ) will message at some point in the process that you have a pre-existing account/email in place.  Click “email me” to retrieve your log in information.

If you have not previously used the registration portal and receive the message that you have an account,  your user name and password were auto-generated at an earlier date.  You can change username and password in the “My Account” area under the tab “Address & Contact”.

Registration Portal