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If you would like to be considered for financial assistance (or are here to submit for renewal of support for upcoming School year), please review the information provided here first; then, if you feel you can make the commitment expected, please complete the form below.

If English is a second language for an applicant, we are happy to meet with you if you need help understanding the obligations and application.

Financial Aid Information

1. Who can apply for financial aid?

Any family who feels unable to afford the full tuition cost of private lessons or music classes and whose income (after the specified adjustments) falls at $55,000 or below may apply for financial assistance. If income is at a higher level but special circumstances preclude affording lessons, you are also welcome to apply. Size of household will also impact how we consider income level.

Please note any special circumstances on the application.

2. How do I apply?

Please complete the online application form found below.  Forms must be returned by the specified due date for continuing students; or prior to registration for new students.

3. How is financial aid determined and how often?

The School makes decisions for assistance based upon financial need according to specific income guidelines set in place by the School’s Board of Directors. The number of dependents in the family and any other unusual financial circumstances will be taken into consideration.

Because funds are limited, applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis, according to funds available, with continuing students receiving priority (assuming a returning student application is submitted each year according to the specified deadline).

4.  How often to I have to make application / apply?

Applications may be filed once each academic year and, if aid is awarded, families (both early childhood, private instruction and group students) may assume aid will be available for the full academic year (through early/mid June) pending a mid-year review (see Number 6 below). Financial aid for summer classes and lessons is considered separately according to funds available.

5. Must I meet any special criteria in order to be considered for aid?

Yes. All applications must fall within the specified income guidelines (allowing for adjustments as indicated or special circumstances documented) in order to be considered. Renewal applications will be evaluated according to regular attendance at lessons or classes and completion of other specified requirements (please see item 5 below).

For private instruction students, demonstration of satisfactory progress and participation in extracurricular activities is also required. Parents of private instruction financial aid students are expected to support the child’s participation in activities outside the lesson (such as attendance at performance classes, student and faculty recitals, musicianship classes and special events) as is reasonably possible.


Level of Support by Income

· Assumes up to two children supported as dependents.

· For each additional child dependent, Pakachoag will subtract $3,000 in income.

· Families with income in excess of $70,000, may submit a financial aid application if their income adjusts to $70,000 or less, after taking into consideration additional dependents, unusual uninsured medical expenses, or other unusual circumstances.

· Continuing Support is determined according to demonstration of on-going financial need, regular attendance at lessons or classes, and satisfactory progress (as applicable to area of enrollment).

Adults and Suzuki Program Support

Please note that financial aid available for new adults or new families wishing to participate in the Suzuki program are limited by a program percentage allocation from among the total financial aid funds to be awarded. We will inform any applicants who fall into these two categories if the percentage of funds available for your program area have already been awarded. If you are already enrolled as an adult or Suzuki student you may assume funds will be available on an on-going basis, if required obligations are met.

How will I know if I will receive financial assistance?

We will try to respond within two weeks following the specified deadline or for applications being submitted mid-semester, two weeks after submission. If you do not receive a letter within this time-frame, feel free to call the office. Applicants will be wait-listed if approved but funds are not available at the time of application.

Obligations When Receiving Financial Aid

We require 5 obligations of all students/families receiving support. Please review these carefully before making application.

  • Students are expected to demonstrate satisfactory progress (as determined by their instructor in consultation with the Director) and attend lessons or classes regularly. This requirements can be easily met through regular attendance and, for private lesson students, a regular practice schedule at home.
  • School-aged students aged 7 to 18 yrs., receiving financial assistance, are required to submit 10 donor thank you notes within the first 8 weeks of classes.
  • We may ask you to volunteer up to five hours each semester to assist with special office tasks or events. High school students are welcome to volunteer in place of a parent for appropriate activities.
  • Regular attendance is required. More than 3 student absences during the course of the year may result in early termination of an award and/or non-renewal.  If you need to miss more than two lessons due to sickness or similar, please touch base with the Kristjon Imperio, Director of Programs.
  • Students are expected to commit to lessons or classes for the duration of the year. If other activities, might preclude on-going participation, please discuss this with the Director in advance. If a student drops out for reasons other than health, families will be asked to pay back the amount awarded for lessons to date in keeping with the standard withdrawal policy. This requirement allows us to assure that families accepting financial support are making their studies at Pakachoag a priority.

Families will undergo a review at the end of each semester to assure that these obligations are being met. Any changes in financial circumstances should be confirmed by the family at that time.

Non-compliance with any of the above will result in non-renewal of aid. Any special circumstances should be brought to the Director’s attention as soon as they occur.

Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed and may result in loss of aid. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that you have responded to all items/questions and attached the required proof of income.

All application questions must be completed. If not applicable, enter “NA”. Do not leave any items blank.

Please plan to submit proof of income at time you complete and submit application; or mail within 2 days.

Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national or ethnic origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.