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Here you can find tips and links for Music Together registration.  Thank you for choosing Music Together with Pakachoag Music School. 

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FYI, Before You Begin
Your Music Together Registration

Roughly one or two weeks ahead of your start date, we will confirm your registration and final class schedule.  Registering one month ahead helps us confirm classes more quickly.  

Registering less than one week ahead?  PLEASE ALLOW two to three business days for us to confirm your registration.  We will follow up as soon as possible.

Find additional information here:

Visit our Music Together Class Schedules page to view an outline of class schedules.

Visit the Tuition Page for information on tuition.

Visit the Financial Aid Page if your annual income makes it difficult for you to cover the full tuition.

Please click below to complete an online registration form for school year Music Together classes.  The form includes class schedule options.

Music Together Playing in the Kitchen

School Year Music Together Registration Information

We accept new family Music Together registrations usually starting

  • Early-August (Fall Session)
  • Early-December (Winter Session)
  • Mid-March (Spring Session)

Continuing students will receive pre-registration and discount information prior to these open enrollment dates via the office by e-mail.  Pre-Register during the designated dates, and automatically save $15.

Register & Pay with Credit Card, All Online

Registering in advance increases the chances that you will be able to secure a space in your preferred class.

Please be sure to include a 2nd choice class in the event your first choice has filled.

If an online class is available as part of the schedule, please register well in advance.   If your registration is received less than 3 business days before the first or next class date, we may need to schedule your start date for the following week’s class.

Did You Know?

Early childhood music learning was first pioneered by Dr. Edwin Gordon.

“One’s potential to learn is never greater than at the moment of birth. The early years of life are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development.”  Learn more at GIML, the Gordon Institute for Music Learning.