Voice and piano student Rhiannon Mansur, age 13, studies with faculty member Jannatha Coffin. Rhiannon is from Charlton.  This is her third year of lessons at Pakachoag.

Rhiannon tells us:

What I like most about lessons is that I can focus on music and practice with someone telling me what I’m doing right or wrong.  The hardest part of music is memorizing my songs and practicing every night.  In the future, I want to be a singer and composer.  I want to make songs for games, and to make people happy with my music.  I feel the more I improve, the better chance I have to be a better composer for the years to come.  I hope one day I can touch people with my music.”

Dear Rhiannon, thanks for being our most recent featured student.  Did you know:  You already touch people with your music?  and you make us happy… with your music!  Thanks for singing for us and with us – and playing piano too.  Keep singing!  and working hard.  Sincerely, Sarah S. (Director)