pak111514-aw3_0543_optKamden is 11 years old.  He lives in Shrewsbury.  Kamden, a student of Amy Matherly, has been taking lessons since September 2012.  (That means… Kamden will receive his Five-Years-Of-Lessons milestone certificate in May 2017!)

Kamden recently played in our November student recital.  His Video is posted below.  Nice job, says Mrs. Smongeski!

Kamden offers some wise words to others who are learning to play an instrument (or sing):

What I like about the Pakachoag music school is that it feels like a big music family. Teachers and fellow students are always encouraging each other to do better and stretch each other to their musical limits.

Practicing can be difficult, but if you take the extra time and effort to power through you will not regret the results. Some people have a hard time practicing consistently but personally I find that once I start, I want to keep on playing.

The Suzuki method works well because it is like a ladder, you learn one step at a time. Each song is preparing you for the next song and many more to come.