Jenna LeDuc is 12 years old, from Shrewsbury.  We’re enjoying watching Jenna grow, to date over a span of five years, both musically and as a dedicated student.  Jenna shares:

I have been playing the piano for 5 years, at Pakachoag music school using the suzuki method of learning. Pakachoag is a really lovely school,with some wonderful and encouraging instructors. I have been with my instructor, Mrs. Leah Zelnick, for all of my time here. She is kind, patient and I very much like her style of teaching. I enjoy the challenging suzuki method,even though it pushes you but is not discouraging, it’s a good balance. Being challenged is one of the things I like about it. You also get to play amazing pieces by famous composers like:  Clementi, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and more! I have developed a good ear for music and am able to memorize pieces quickly. Currently I am trying to quicken my sight reading skills to the level that I can play. Being here, I have developed endurance, ever learning, ever growing, and this music is a part of me.

~Jenna LeDuc

Dear Jenna, We love that you think your music pieces are “amazing”.  We would agree.  There is nothing like a good dose of Bach or Mozart (and all those other great composers) to make every day special.  Your goal to quicken your sight reading skills is a really good goal!  I think we must both thank Leah, your teacher, for her very good teaching; and you, for your dedication, seriousness of purpose, and… what else…. practice 🙂  We look forward to hearing more of your music in the coming months.