At Pakachoag, our Music for Life promise centers around the recognition that students can learn a lot when they take risks; and learn even more, when they learn how to recover from failure.  Those hard lessons do more to develop confidence than lessons learned, or successes achieved, easily.

A recent article from ArtsHub, based in Australia, talks more specifically about the importance of a “growth mindset” vs. a “fixed mindset”.  A huge part of what we do at Pakachoag is to foster the “growth mindset” (centered around a love for music).

Arts Hub Researchers note that learners often fall into two camps in terms of their approach to education: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. The former is characterized by a belief that putting in the effort, and learning from failure, will lead to better results and improved skills. The latter perspective, however, holds that individuals have a certain skill level or ability, and the learning process will not necessarily allow one to move past that. A recent article in ArtsHub spoke to educators in Australia to get a sense for how they see arts education as a critical component of developing a growth mindset.

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