January 2, 2017

Hello Parents,

I hope that you have enjoyed the holidays and are rejuvenated and ready to get back to musical activities at Pakachoag.  There is a lot of news this month so many of the segments are introduced here with a link to the full article.  We hope this will make it easier for you to read through the entire email.

New!   Parent-Teacher Conferences

We will be holding Parent-Teacher conferences during the month of January.  These conferences will give you and your teacher the opportunity to discuss how things are going, address concerns and come up with a unified plan for your child’s instrumental music study in 2017.

For complete details and the questionnaire visit our “current students > Suzuki Information page at:  https://pakmusic.org/students/suzuki-information/


New Year’s Resolution for 2017 – More Practicing

In the Suzuki approach to learning to play an instrument, parents and children work closely together.  The benefits of this are many, as are the challenges. As a parent helping your child, you know that home practice is essential to success and that it is your responsibility to make sure that it happens and is productive.

No matter how skilled your teacher is, how beautiful an instrument you have or how much your child wants to be able to do this, he will not make much progress without regular practice.

For inspiring ideas and solutions to common practice problems read:

Practicing Challenges: The Beginning, The Middle and The End:  Ideas for Parents by Amy Matherly  available via the link above.

Twinkle Pin Recipient

Congratulations to Arden Crowley who earned her Twinkle Pin in December.  Arden is a student of Madalyne Cross.  Click here for more information about how to earn a Twinkle Pin:


Group Class News

The fall semester was a busy one for our Suzuki groups. The Andante Group entertained residents at the Dodge Park Rest Home in October. Presto, Allegro, Scherzo, and Intermezzo performed in the December recitals.  Combined groups played seasonal favorites at UMass Hospital in December and Allegro performed at First Night Worcester on New Year’s Eve.   A lot of commitment and hard work on the part of students, parents and teachers went into making those performances a success.

A big Thank You! to our wonderful faculty!

To help our teachers run group classes that are inspiring, productive and fun, we have put together these Group Class Guidelines. Please review them before classes begin again.


Upcoming Events

January start dates by teacher:

Sheila Reid:  Tuesday, January 3rd

Amy Matherly:  Tuesday, January 3rd including Allegro

Laurie Knorr:  Wednesday, January 4th including Scherzo

Madalyne Cross:  Thursday, January 5th including Debut and Andante

Leah Zelnick:  Monday, January 9th

Suzuki Play In

Join us on Saturday, January 21st from 2:00-3:30 in the Fellowship Hall for our Annual Suzuki Play In.

Students of all ages are invited to come to play the Suzuki repertoire together and enjoy refreshments.  The Play In is an opportunity to get inspired after the holiday break and to get to know other Suzuki program families.

We will also be inviting students from the Bancroft Suzuki program and from the Suzuki program at the Whitinsville Christian School.

Let me know if you will be coming.

Music Reading for Parents

Thursday, January 26th 7:30-8:30

This class will introduce you to some of the basic music reading concepts that you will need
to decipher the music in the first half of Suzuki Volume One. Although your child will be learning the
pieces after Twinkle by ear, it will be a big help for you to be able to follow along in the music book.

This class will only meet once and will get you started rather than teach you everything you need to know.
It is a follow up to the fall 2016 Parent Training course so all Debut parents are encouraged to come but open to any
interested Suzuki program parent. Bring a violin (any size), Suzuki Volume One and a pencil.

Sign up in advance by contacting Amy Matherly.

Group Class Concert

Monday, March 6th at 6:30

All of the Suzuki groups will perform – mark your calendars!

Friday, March 3rd at 6:00:  Rehearsal for the Group Class Concert


Massachusetts Suzuki Festival

Sunday, March 12th

Students from all over Massachusetts will participate in this fun day of musical activities to be held at New England Conservatory.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments or to sign up for the Play In amylmatherly@yahoo.com

Happy New Year, Amy Matherly

Suzuki Program Coordinator

Pakachoag Music School