Playing Together for the GRAND Campaign

The Piano is Coming

Will the piano arrive with all keys intact? !

Our 40th anniversary dream is centered on acquiring a Steinway Grand Piano.  Help us put some finishing touches on the piano.  We are seeking 95 gifts to make sure the piano is ready to play when it arrives.


  • a white key:  $25 for each of 52 keys
  • a black key:  $50 for each of 36 keys
  • a pedal:  $100 for each of 3 pedals
  • a piano leg?  $150 for each of 3 legs  (SOLD OUT)
  • The Lid!  $500 for one piano lid


  • Damp-Chaser Humidifier System:  $750
  • A special custom-made storage case to keep the piano comfortable when not being played (e.g.,  humidified /dehumidified and temperature controlled).  $1500

For students and families, alumni too, let’s see if we can buy a piano with all the 88 keys, pedals, legs and lid in tact!  (A two legged piano? oh no!)

All of this means 97 opportunities to participate!

Our generous lead donors have ensured that all of the inner working are in place, from the critical sound board to strings and hammers.  We also will be investing in drapes for windows (acoustical improvement as well as for visual appeal), curtain rods for the windows, a custom built piano case (to contain humidity and temperature), a grand piano dolly for ease of movement without stressing the instruments, and a Damp Chaser grand piano humidifier system.

AND as of December 13, 2022 the thermometer has taken a big tick up thanks to the very generous support of the Arthur M. and Martha R. Pappas Foundation.  As of January, thanks to parents rallying for the Grand,  we are now just $2,000 away from our goal !!!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$240,000Raised $238,000 towards the $240,000 target.$238,000Raised $238,000 towards the $240,000 target.99%

Why the GRAND Campaign

A good piano is the hub of music-making for every musician, student to professional. Our dream is for every child and teen of Greater Worcester to play (or be accompanied by) this world class instrument, raising the bar for teaching and learning at Pakachoag.

Funds raised will support the purchase of a Steinway (or similar) performance grand piano. The campaign also includes investment funds for annual instrument maintenance (humidity/heat control, tunings and repairs); also facilities costs and enhancements connected with performances and teaching activities.

The Goal:  $240,000    

  • As of December 1, 2022:  $182,000 raised
  • As of January 13:  $238,000

Many thanks to the donors who have made this dream reality.

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