21 Ways to Harmony Feature No. 5

The Reality of Fear: Resolving Music Stereotypes

Join Pakachoag Music School online for a “Friday the 13th” special event. This 21 Ways to Harmony in 2021 Feature No. 5 will explore the origins and history of music stereotypes, many of which have been built on assumptions and fears. We hope that this journey will transform what once was ‘music of your fears’ to music to your ears.

What to Expect

Through conversation and music, Kristjon will explore assumptions we make about audiences and performers of different music genres. Where do these assumptions come from? and how have they become cultural stereotypes? Does any of this matter? or hold meaning for us as a community and individually? We’ll uncover some of the missed commonalities between/among genres as we continue to think more deeply about the role of music in life.