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  • Ages birth to five.

We also offer Rhythm Kids for ages K-2.

Update:  March 1, 2023 – Open Registration for Spring Session begins March 6, 2023.

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About Music Together at Pakachoag

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Rhythm Kids:  About, Schedule, Tuition, Register

While COVID-19 is present, the School observes a set of Health & Safety Protocols to ensure that in-person and indoor classes are as safe as possible.

Also coming soon:  Summer Session Music and Movement Sampler Classes.

Why I picked this Photo:  The Sailing Song

As a header for our February 2023 E-News:

I wanted to share a sample of the very nicely created song books that are provided to parents who sign on for a Music Together class.

The photo here is a toddler no doubt singing/exploring the Sailing Song with mom.   The song is one of many that populate Music Together’s nine song collections.  Each collection is accompanied by picture song books and access to the music online or via CD.  Other than the fact that the books are very nicely produced, the songs are all multi-cultural, selected for specific learning content.  Rhythms within each song collection include both traditional and irregular meters.  Tonality spans not just our traditional, western tradition of major and minor, but many of the other modes common to folk music from around the world.  (Think Indian or Chinese music – different modes that sound different than western music.)

The Sailing Song is a slow, swaying style in 6/8 (an underlying feeling of 3’s grouped as two, rather than 2’s, for instance, grouped as 4’s).  This particular song is used by teachers to help children feel the sway of the music, building full body coordination through movement.   Scarves or a parachute are often used to connect everyone in the classroom to the motion of the music.  Music connects us emotionally as children learn different ways to express themselves and their feelings. No words needed!

Why one line of music in the songbook?  Few children read as toddlers, and fewer still read music as toddlers.  The notated music is really there for mom.   EXCEPT, as children we process everything around us and that includes, at some level, visuals on a printed page.  How do young children learn to read books?  Usually, by following along.  In the same way, young children can slowly begin to recognize music patterns and symbols – simply by following along, over time.

I’m not suggesting that we train children to read music at an early age.  Developing our pitch accuracy through singing and rhythmic abilities through movement is where we all need to start.    I do think the books are wonderful and having just a simple outline of a melody is laying a subconscious foundation for music reading in the future.

I grew up hearing music in our house.  The radio always played classical music.  My mom sang and hummed along.  When it came time for me to learn to play recorder, I don’t remember struggling with music reading or anyone really explaining it to me.  It just made sense.  The patterns of music – both written and heard-  are beautiful.  How music notation evolved is also really interesting (but that is conversation for another day).

Most importantly, the music of Music Together’s folk based curriculum is beautiful.  Folk music is the natural foundation on which every culture has built its own music traditions.  Folk music is always quality music – it has survived the test of time, passed from generation to generation.  If you have a young child and are not yet enrolled, please consider a class for your child.  You may not fully know how much your child will learn.    You’ll just be having fun.

Then, keep signing up, keep singing, every year until school begins.  Its nice to try different activities, but sustained participation and repetition throughout early childhood is how we lay the foundation – for success with music in school and beyond; and for success with everything else we learn through music.  Memory, reading, pattern recognition, coordination, appropriate outlets for self-expression, pitch recognition and sensitivity, holding a steady beat, becoming rhythmically “flexible”, improvising.  Making friends with music.  The gift of music is very much for life.

Happy singing!  as you sail your way through music with Music Together.

Sincerely, Sarah Smongeski, Executive Director (and flutist)

Will the Piano Arrive with All Keys Intact?!

Our 40th anniversary dream is centered on acquiring a Steinway Grand Piano.  Help us put some finishing touches on the piano.  We are seeking 95 gifts to make sure the piano is ready to play when it arrives.


  • a white key:  $25 for each of 52 keys
  • a black key:  $50 for each of 36 keys
  • a pedal:  $100 for each of 3 pedals (SOLD OUT)
  • a piano leg?  $150 for each of 3 legs  (SOLD OUT)
  • The Lid!  $500 for one piano lid


  • Damp-Chaser Humidifier System:  $750
  • A special custom-made storage case to keep the piano comfortable when not being played (e.g.,  humidified /dehumidified and temperature controlled).  $1500

For students and families, alumni too, let’s see if we can buy a piano with all the 88 keys, pedals, legs and lid in tact!  (A two legged piano? oh no!)

All of this means 97 opportunities to participate!

Our generous lead donors have ensured that all of the inner working are in place, from the critical sound board to strings and hammers.  We also will be investing in drapes for windows (acoustical improvement as well as for visual appeal), curtain rods for the windows, a custom built piano case (to contain humidity and temperature), a grand piano dolly for ease of movement without stressing the instruments, and a Damp Chaser grand piano humidifier system.

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.$240,000Raised $238,000 towards the $240,000 target.$238,000Raised $238,000 towards the $240,000 target.99%

Now it’s our turn to pull together the finishing touches.

Buy Your Key

AND as of December 13, 2022 the thermometer has taken a big tick up thanks to the very generous support of the Arthur M. and Martha R. Pappas Foundation.  As of January, thanks to parents rallying for the Grand,  we are now just $2,000 away from our goal !!!

Why the GRAND Campaign

A good piano is the hub of music-making for every musician, student to professional. Our dream is for every child and teen of Greater Worcester to play (or be accompanied by) this world class instrument, raising the bar for teaching and learning at Pakachoag.

Funds raised will support the purchase of a Steinway (or similar) performance grand piano. The campaign also includes investment funds for annual instrument maintenance (humidity/heat control, tunings and repairs); also facilities costs and enhancements connected with performances and teaching activities.

The Goal:  $240,000    As of December 1, 2022:  $182,000 raised  ~  As of January 13:  $238,000

Many thanks to the donors who have made this dream reality.

Annual Report  – 40th Anniversary Special Edition.  2021-2022

As not-for-profit institutions centered on mission, we all talk about how we change lives as part of mission.

In the case of Pakachoag Music School, how we change lives looks (and sounds) a little different.  As teaching artists and early childhood music specialists, with the support of our donors and grantors, we’re nurturing life-lasting change.  No matter the age – from birth into retirement; no matter one’s background, we know that the impact of music on social/emotional development and learning lasts for life.

Read our latest annual report  to learn how we’re bringing music to community.

If you are new to the research surrounding music and brain development, here’s a great article which shows direct correlations between music learning and brain development.  USC Five Year Study

Thank you for your interest in our work.  We know:  #MusicMatters  #MusicForLife  #MusicHeals


The Vo siblings play at the 40th Anniversary Gala

The Vo Siblings – Ethan, Evan and Evelyn – played their latest piece at the 40th Anniversary Gala at Tuckerman Hall.

Donate Online Today

Thank you for your interest in supporting high quality music teaching and learning for persons of every age and cultural background with Pakachoag.

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As Executive Director, with a team of 30 committed faculty, board members, education and music enthusiasts alongside me, I am both excited and humbled to be leading Pakachoag Music School as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary Year.

Every student who comes to Pakachoag, whatever their age, has a story.  For many students, this is their dream.  For some, learning to play an instrument would never otherwise be possible.

Chris, a recorder student this past year, writes:

This is my first year studying the recorder.  I really like the recorder, whether I’m playing for my grandparents, or just goofin’ about.  I hope to be an architect when I grow up, but I also want to play the clarinet, that’s why I am doing the recorder.  I also like maths.  Thank you for your support [of my lessons].  Chris.

As teachers, we know that playing an instrument brings fulfillment, contributes to self development and supports academic success.  Every gift opens a door that begins with music but which also provides a unique experience that continues with each student through life.

Thank you for visiting us on the web!  Below are ways that you can make a difference in the life of a child or teen.

Sincerely, Sarah Smongeski, Executive Director

Ways to Participate

All that the School has been and has become, combined with the thousands of students served along the way, has been and is only possible thanks to the on-going generosity of donors and grantors.  While tuition is a large portion of our annual budget, tuition alone is never enough to keep the wheels turning and the music playing.

The Annual Harmony Fund

We accept donations to the Annual Harmony Fund throughout the year.  Gifts of all sizes are welcome.  You can learn more, print a form, or make a gift online here:

Individual Giving


Music Matters!

A gift of $100 to $10,000 to the Music Matters Program brings music instruction to students in need.  This includes fully free after-school, off-site small group music classes, as well as financial aid for traditional programs and the all-new Quinsigamond Youth Theatrical Company starting Fall 2022.   Your gift supports every student in experiencing music success, as we work to inspire on-going music learning for enjoyment and life-long health and well-being.

To make a gift, please visit the Individual Giving page here.  You can designate on the printable form or online that you would like your gift to support Pakachoag’s Music Matters out-of-school/after-school learning program.

Individual Giving


Sponsor a Student

With a gift of $500 to $1500, you can Sponsor-A-Student.  Gifts allow a child or teen of low-income to experience the thrill of becoming a musician.  Each student receives up to 40 weeks annually of one-on-one instruction, accompanied by at-home practice, under the tutelage of one of the School’s 30 teaching artists.

To learn more or to sponsor a student, click here.

Sponsor a Student


40th Anniversary GRAND Campaign

The 40th Anniversary Gala & Campaign continues!  Following the September 2022 Gala, we have raised $180,000 toward our $240,000 goal.  A gift to the campaign positions the school for long-term sustainability, AND you’ll be helping us make the dream of a Steinway performance piano and endowment a reality.

The 40th campaign continues through FY2023.

Please email Sarah@pakmusic.org for more information about the 40th Anniversary Campaign.

Endowment, Planned Giving (Wills, Trusts, Estates)

We welcome larger gifts as part of a will or your own “planned giving”.  We can provide more information upon request. Please email Sarah@pakmusic.org.


Pakachoag Music School is pleased to announce that student violinist Seth Boudreau of Douglas has been selected for the 2022 Reinburg Award for Effort, Commitment and Attitude.

About Seth Boudreau of Douglas

Seth Boudreau PKR 2022 RecipientSeth Boudreau, from Douglas, is a high school senior at Saint Paul Diocesan High School.  Seth began his musical journey with Pakachoag in 2008 at the age of 3, participating in the School’s early childhood Music Together program.  At age 5, he enrolled in the School’s Suzuki Program as a violin student, and has been an active member of Pakachoag’s fiddle group the last 10 years.

Seth excelled during his music studies.  In addition to being the strings section leader for his high school orchestra, he has participated at First Night Worcester venues, Christmas by Candlelight at Old Sturbridge Village, and has regularly performed at his school’s masses and theatrical productions.  Seth has and continues to present music at St. Joseph Basilica masses and concerts in Webster, MA.

Seth’s private violin teacher, Pakachoag faculty member Amy Matherly, who also serves as the School’s Suzuki Coordinator, writes:  “Seth loves music, works hard at his instrument, shows leadership as a member of several ensembles, and generously shares his talents with others.  I am very pleased that his dedication and efforts are being recognized with this award.”

Seth entered Worcester State University this fall pursuing a major in computer science and a minor in music.

About the Peggy Kelley Reinburg Award

The Peggy Kelley Reinburg Award for Effort, Commitment and Attitude, named after the School’s second director who strove to instill an appreciation for excellence among all School students, is awarded annually, each spring.

Prior recipients of the PKR award, which dates back to 1992, include students who have gone on to excel in the sciences, law enforcement, engineering, aviation, education (both k-12 and higher education), social work and professional careers in music performance, music education, and musical theater.