Celebrating 40!

The Anniversary Gala is over but our musical dreams for the future continue, thanks to the support of many.

Following a beautiful, musical gala, made possible by generous sponsors, we are excited to announce the 40th Anniversary GRAND Campaign!

Our dream is centered on acquiring a Steinway Grand Piano.

The Goal:  $240,000    

As of November 1, 2022:  $180,000 raised  

As of December 14, 2022:  $232,000  

As of January 15, 2023:  $238,000.

As of spring 2023:  $239,000

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Why a Grand Piano?

A good piano is the hub of music-making for every musician, student to professional. Our dream is for every child and teen of Greater Worcester to play (or be accompanied by) this world class instrument, raising the bar for teaching and learning.

Funds raised will support the purchase of a Steinway (or similar) performance grand piano. The campaign also includes investment funds for annual instrument maintenance (humidity/heat control, tunings and repairs); also facilities costs and enhancements connected with performances and teaching activities.

Make a Gift, Pledge or
Participate in the "Rally for the Grand"

We continue to accept campaign gifts and pledges for $500 and above through 2023.  Or, you can purchase a key, starting at $25 here.

  • We are happy to accept checks which allows everyone to avoid additional processing fees.
  • If you’d like a gift envelope or to make a pledge (with payment later), e-mail Sarah@pakmusic.org and we can follow up.  Thank you!

If you are interested in participating at a lesser level ($25 and up), you may wish to consider our Playing Together opportunity which is rallying support for finishing touches for the piano.  Thank you!