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We’re Preparing to Celebrate 40 Years of Community Music-Making! We’re excited to announce that Catherine Z. Collins is our 40th Gala Honorary Chairperson. Melanie Donegan of Worcester is our Gala Committee Chair. Please join us in celebrating 40 years of high quality music learning and enrichment—for community, family and students of every age. Saturday, September […]

We’re occasionally sharing inspiring stories in the field of community arts education happening across the country.  This month, we’re highlighting some of the cutting edge work of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, including announcement of their new Executive Director Quanice Floyd. New Leadership on the National Front for Community Arts Education Pakachoag Music […]

We’re occasionally sharing inspiring stories in the field of community arts education happening across the country.  This month, we’d like to share the story of this year’s recipient of the National Guild for Community Arts Education (NGCAE) National Leadership Award. Meet William Estrada. William Estrada (he/him/él) is an arts educator and multidisciplinary artist. His art and […]

Come Explore Music Together ® with Pakachoag! WINTER 2022:  We’re IN-PERSON / INSIDE and ONLINE. Fun. Fabulous. Uplifting. Magical. These are just a few of the ways that parents describe Music Together.  Come nurture your child’s inner musician and meet other families. And, did you know that research shows the brain grows (more than usual) when we make music […]

We can’t take all the credit, but the science confirms that when you make music for a sustained period of time, your brain literally grows! Bridget O’Leary is one student currently excelling as she finishes up her Bachelor’s degree at Johns Hopkins University with accolades, community service, and dreams for the future in place. Bridgette […]

For Ages 5 to 7 years/K,Gr.1and2 This semester, your child will learn to drum, sing, move to new rhythms, work in ensembles, conduct, improvise, and play dynamic music games!  In each weekly music class, in addition to singing and moving, we play rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world, from West African Gahu, to […]

Hello Friends, Plans for our September 17, 2022, 40th Gala at Tuckerman Hall are well underway! I (board member Melanie Donegan) am still in need of loyal supporters of Pakachoag Music School to help with decorations and interesting graphics for event displays and the evening’s program. Our event will truly be a Gala with lots […]

This Fall, we’re introducing 16 children, grades 3 to 5, to the Ukulele at Worcester’s Elm Park Community School. We extend thanks to School donors and grantors whose support is making it possible for us to invest in this program. Grants are currently pending in hopes of continued and expanded partner-based outreach programming in 2022. […]

Meet (or Catch Up With!) Joy O’Connor Miller, 2006 Graduate Artist and Art Teacher When the Lessons of Music at Pakachoag Keep Giving Joy took flute lessons through middle and high school.  She is originally from Auburn,  MA This fall, Joy joined our Harmony Fund family with her first gift.  Joy now lives in Mississippi*.  […]

Many thanks to all who keep the music playing at Pakachoag, year-to-year, decade-to-decade.  Here, you can view/download a pdf copy of the Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report.