Making Music for Life with Bach and Saint-Saens


Marti and Sarah following a beautiful concert. A true thrill to know that Martin will be playing his violin for years to come (for Life!)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Abbreviated opening comments (minus some thank you’s) from Sarah.

Today we host Martin, in an alumni recital, a special happening in the life of a school.

While it is a thrill when a former student and young person embraces something that we as teachers have also embraced, in terms of a vocational choice, launching students into the world as a professional musician is not Pakachoag Music School’s primary focus .

Rather, at Pakachoag, our mission is

  • To nurture,
  • To cultivate the imagination,
  • To inspire creativity
  • To develop artistry

…all wrapped within a love for music.

And, all are skills that Pakachoag students can take with them – through life/for life.

So [thus], while making music for life has multiple connotations, it is appropriately a simple message.  Music is valuable in every way – and the investment of our donors and grantors through the Music for Life! campaign and the annual harmony fund is helping to assure that high quality music experiences remain accessible for students of today and tomorrow.

Thank you for the opportunity to host Martin this weekend.  Your support has made this possible. Martin’s music is our music; together we are making Music for Life!