Meet (or Catch Up With!) Joy O’Connor Miller, 2006 Graduate
Artist and Art Teacher

When the Lessons of Music at Pakachoag Keep Giving

Joy took flute lessons through middle and high school.  She is originally from Auburn,  MA

This fall, Joy joined our Harmony Fund family with her first gift.  Joy now lives in Mississippi*.  She graduated from Ann Maria College in Paxton, MA.
I asked Joy if she is still playing her flute. Joy says not so much, but she does have some reflections to share about the impact of music learning in her daily work.

I have a poster in my classroom that reads “Practice makes Progress.” That’s definitely an idea I grew very familiar with through my lessons and daily flute practice throughout middle and high school. I was never a perfect flutist, but I definitely witnessed a lot of progress, which was so rewarding that it then fueled more practice and more progress. I hope to convey the importance of progress over perfection to my art students: they don’t come to my classes because they already create perfect art, but because they want to learn and develop into better artists.

The impact of music lessons becomes broader and deeper over time. What we do is about music, but so much more, like improving reading and memory skills for beginners to lots of analytical thinking involved in mastering technical challenges for older, advancing students; and definitely, as Joy well knows, instilling a life-long understanding of the importance of hard work through practice – for progress, not necessarily the illusive idea of “perfection”.

Many thanks to all, including Joy, who support Pakachoag as volunteer, donor, grantor, community member.  Your support helps make Music for Life.

*Oops.  I (Sarah S.) mixed up my state abbreviations and translated MS earlier as Missouri.