We can’t take all the credit, but the science confirms that when you make music for a sustained period of time, your brain literally grows!

Bridget O’Leary is one student currently excelling as she finishes up her Bachelor’s degree at Johns Hopkins University with accolades, community service, and dreams for the future in place.
Bridgette is double majoring in Romance Languages and Creative Writing.  That includes studies in four languages: Spanish, French, Russian, and Hebrew.  Bridget says her favorite activity at Johns Hopkins is serving as a writer for the Witness Theater Company.  She is now serving on the executive board for the group.  Her plays have been selected for performance on an annual basis.  During COVID, Bridget has been tutoring middle school children in creative writing, on-line.

Bridget says her favorite has been French Detective Fiction (sounds like fun!).  Her mom reports:  “Bridget is TEFL certified and was recently invited to join the Beta Circle of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Honor Society for her high academic achievement and  leadership.”

And the future?  Bridget hopes to live in France next year while teaching English (application now underway), wants to spend a year working for AmeriCorps, and then move on to graduate school.  Her long term plan is to secure a Master’s Degree in Library Science and perhaps from there a Doctorate in Linguistics. How’s that for a plan? !!

We are happy to know that Bridget is working very hard and, as her former flute teacher, I like to think that flute practice skills (like lots of repetition for technical mastery and all those other good goal setting practice strategies) have contributed to her success in college.  This photo is from 2014.  We played a duet for a December recital.  Bridget graduated from Marianapolis Preparatory School in Thompson, CT in 2018.  She is originally from Leicester.