Hearty congratulations to Pakachoag violin students Mia and Kamden, of Shrewsbury.  Following COVID-19 shut-downs in mid-March, and as the summer arrived, Mia and Kamden decided they would challenge their “musical selves”.  They committed, together, to complete 100 consecutive days of practice.

Mia practices while camping

Mia practices while camping.

The 100 days spanned most of the summer (a little over 14 weeks).   Teacher Amy Matherly reports:  “Stories of their determination include remembering that they hadn’t practiced yet after putting their head down on their pillow at night and dragging themselves up to practice before the clock struck 12.  They also insisted on bringing their violins on camping trips.”

Mom writes, “They started in mid June. Everyday they picked a piece they’d like to either review or sight read on top of the regular practices. We then recorded the name of the pieces on the spreadsheet. Kamden went the extra mile by recording a short video of each piece, each day and posted on his Instagram account. We’re very proud of their accomplishments! ”

Both Mia and Kamden will perform at the School’s first official event of the new school year:  The annual Suzuki Program Book Review recital on October 6th.   Amy notes, “We look forward to hearing the results!”.  Me too!

Well done Mia and Kamden.  Challenging ourselves, without external twisting of arms, is a great way to learn and excel.