Join Pakachoag Music School via YouTube for 21 Ways to Harmony, a set of seven conversations accompanied by music, airing throughout 2021.  The School’s first conversation explored

From Music Lessons to Life in the Sciences: Parallels Beyond the Studio

Feature No. 1 with music school alumna Julia Nguyen, Ph.D., Chemistry.

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Enjoy a little music featuring student musicians.  We will also challenge you, through conversation, to think more deeply than usual about the role of music in life.  Our focus is on creating and uncovering harmony and commonality in music and in life.

Each conversation is hosted by Pakachoag Director of Programs and Outreach, Kristjon Imperio.

Watch for announcements and links for future installments.

February Feature No. 1

From Music Lessons to Life in the Sciences:
Parallels Beyond the Studio

  • Date: Saturday, February 27, 2021
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Platform:  Facebook/You Tube
  • Special guest:   Julia Nguyen, Pakachoag Alumna
    • Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Washington; Bachelor’s Degree, Williams College.


Pakachoag Music School is entering 2021 with a refreshed commitment to building harmony as part of community – both within and without.

During a difficult 2020, where conflict surfaced all around us – locally and nationally – the School began to receive a different kind of feedback from parents and adult students about the importance of music-making in life and especially for mental health.

The repeated thanks and appreciation coming from School families around the importance of music stood in deep contrast to the divisiveness that was going on externally.

Conversations host and Pakachoag Program Director Kristjon Imperio writes:  “In conversations amongst our staff and board members surrounding the challenges in our community and nation, we realize that these common ‘music messages’ stand as lasting principles, extending beyond popular and passing narratives.”

“My favorite college course was ‘Arts & Ideas’.  I love how the arts draw from a huge ‘library’ of culture and ideas, spanning time, circumstance and geography,” adds Sarah Smongeski, Executive Director.  “One can find so many commonalities among the arts over the centuries.  Differences bump up against each other but commonality is also present everywhere, no matter the musical genre or style; or artistic medium.   Our goal for Community Conversations is to peel away layers of stereotypes, differences and structures, using the framework of music to inform our understanding of cultural commonality,” says Executive Director Sarah Smongeski.

Throughout the year, Mr. Imperio will lead seven conversations, accompanied by student and faculty music.  With an array of varied conversational partners planned, we will be looking to uncover – perhaps even create — multiple “resolutions” as part of each conversation that can help each of us become aware of commonalities we might not have considered previously.  We want to encourage reflection on how we use those commonalities to create harmony in life, and provide a little inspiration for what it means to make music locally.  We often hear that music is the common language.  We plan to dig deeper to uncover what those commonalities CAN be, for 2021 and beyond.

21 Ways to Harmony:  Feature 2

Chasing Dreams to American Shores

Feature 2 explored the commonality of the immigrant experience, using Irish fiddle music and poetry as our launching pad.

  • Premiere Date: St. Patrick’s Day, Wednesday, March 17
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Place: Facebook/YouTube (Prerecorded)
  • Special guest: Worcester poet Curt G. Curtin
  • Featuring Irish Fiddle Music with Pakachoag faculty and students.